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Traveling is one of the most exciting experiences one can have, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford it because of how expensive it can get. Without taking the right measure, one can easily spend thousands of dollars on a vacation or a trip. Although the adventures and excitements that await are always worth the costs, not everyone has that kind of money. If you feel as though traveling isn’t right to be on your bucket list for now due to the costs involved; have no worries because you are not alone. Luckily for you, though, there are ways to cut costs while traveling, so you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to achieve your travel dreams.

Leverage sales days

Another brilliant way to cut your travel costs is by finding cheaper means of transportation. Remember, every dollar you save can be used for something more productive. So, if you are not really in a hurry, you can save yourself a good amount of cash if you take advantage of sales days. Many airlines reduce sales fares on some days of the week, but they often make the info available to customers who sign up with their email alerts. However, even if you are not one of these customers, you can still be a beneficiary of this wonderful opportunity by using some fare-tracking sites to track when these offers are made available. Otherwise, you can also find patterns in when sales days happen, such as when they happened in previous years. For instance, Virgin Australia has a promotion called Thursday Happy Hour, which provides customers with cheaper flight fares.  

Leverage an agency

Did you know that there is always a beautiful city in a fabulous country that fits your budget? Rather than accepting the wrong fact that you cannot afford to go on a vacation because of your stringent purse, why not try out a travel agency? While many rich folks would often go directly to an airline website to book a flight to their destination, you can get creative and book your travel through Traveligo, an online travel agency. This agency lets you travel anywhere at a cheaper price by negotiating the best deals for you. Instead of spending more on transportation and other costs, you will be saving yourself a lot of dollars when you use a travel agency.

Go by ground

Depending on where you are headed, you may want to consider traveling by land in order to save money on your travel. With ground transportation, the options are quite many, including trains, taxis, buses, and rental cars. One of the biggest advantages of this method of traveling is that it gives you the room to mix and match things up so that you can save money and time. For instance, you may decide to take a bus down to a stop, from which you will then get a train to reach your final destination.

Get Bumped

Bumping is a very effective travel hack provided you are not in a hurry to embark on your journey. It is common practice with almost all airlines to overbook flights with the hope that some people won’t show up or cancel their flights. But when flights get filled up, they invariably ask for volunteers to get bumped. What this means is that you’ll sacrifice your rightful flight and delay your journey, but you’ll be on the next available flight, which could be hours later or the next day. But on the plus side, you’ll be entitled to certain perks like credits, free flights, and if you are not in your home airport, you can even be offered free accommodation if you are staying till the next day.


Sometimes, it costs more to stay in a hotel, especially when you intend staying for long at your destination. That said, a good way to save money while traveling would be for you to stay at someone’s house or condo. Using Airbnb, you can find the right apartment that suits your taste and need. On the one hand, you will be getting an opportunity to live like a local; on the other hand, you will also be getting a great chance to save a lot. With this method, not only will you have access to a kitchen – to cook your meals at home and save cost – but you will also have access to the fridge and microwave so that you won’t have to waste leftovers. Sometimes, the homeowner won’t even charge you extra to use some basic amenities like the internet connection in his house.

Travel during off-seasons

This is, by far, the smartest way to travel if you really want to save cost. If you travel during the busy seasons, the chances are that things will be more expensive. From accommodation and flight fees to food and other basic fees, things are more likely to get more expensive. However, when you travel during the off-season – when there are relatively few tourists – things tend to get cheaper. While it is often cheaper to travel to Europe during winter, it is better to head to the Carribean during the summer because it is considered hurricane season, and things are relatively cheaper.

Use Reward Points

Even though reward points will most likely not earn you a free flight, you can still use them to make your travel more comfortable and fun. The best way these points can save you money on your travel is when you use them on upgrades. Think of them as a way of reducing your transportation cost if you are the type that loves luxury travel (say you prefer to fly first class). That said, just the way you can use reward points to change your coach flight to first class, you can also use them when booking a hotel. Almost every hotel chain has a rewards program, and if you can stay there a couple of times, you can earn free nights.

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