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Anyone who reads my blog will know that I absolutely live for adventure and travel, and when an opportunity arises to visit a new place or city, I’m almost always on board right away. While a lot of people may not think to travel to South Sudan given the recent issues there since their referendum on independence a few years back, I have to say that I recently went to the new capital, Juba and was pleasantly surprised.

Juba is a quickly growing city with a rapidly developing tourist infrastructure. This means finding quality hotels isn’t a challenge like you’d think it is. I stayed at the Tulip Inn during my time there and I have to say that if you’re heading to Juba for any reason, you need to check out this amazing boutique hotel for yourself. Here’s my own personal experience.

The Rooms

The rooms at the Tulip Inn Juba are tastefully decorated and comfortable, with everything you need for your stay. Most of the rooms have seating with a chair or sofa as well as a desk. The standards of the rooms range from your standard basic room all the way up to presidential suite, ideal for those who are doing business in South Sudan and need a place to run meetings or meet clients. The deluxe room is probably ideal for almost all travellers, with one enormous king sized bed that couldn’t be more comfortable.

I was impressed with the bathroom in my room at the Tulip Inn, with modern and updated showerheads, faucets and more. It was a high, European standard, a bathroom you’d expect to find in almost any European hotel. It made my stay a lot more comfortable having a nice shower that I could use at the end of a day exploring the city, which can get quite dusty and hot to say the least.

Breakfast is included in the room price with an option for room service as well, so it makes for a relaxing stay for those who want to chill in their rooms.


I absolutely love the facilities at the Tulip Inn. They really have got absolutely everything you could possibly need to make your stay the best it can possibly be including a swimming pool, on site restaurant and an exercise room. There’s a bar adjacent to the pool with seating both in shade and in the sun, serving a variety of beers, cocktails and snacks. It makes having a light bite to eat after a refreshing swim easy and enjoyable.

The onsite restaurant is European styled and serves up a whole variety of different dishes that you’d find anywhere in Europe from burgers and fries to pastas and more. For those who are doing long trips through parts of the continent, having a place like the Tulip Inn’s restaurant with real European cuisine is a fantastic break and a great reminder of home. It’s decently priced as well, making it ideal for anyone who feels a bit homesick or wants some comfort food during their stay.

The workout room on site is a great addition for those who want to keep up their fitness regimen while they’re travelling in the area. It’s amazingly equipped with treadmills, elliptical machines and a whole variety of weights, making it ideal for almost any workout routines.


The Tulip Inn in Juba is conveniently located only one mile from the airport, making it the perfect location for those who are travelling extensively or doing business. As it’s right off the main road from the airport into town, it makes getting around Juba easy and fast.

Why I Recommend Staying At The Tulip Inn

I absolutely loved staying at the Tulip Inn and I’m sure you would too. It’s affordable, elegant and has all the amenities that you want in a home away from home. With so many great options for food and drink as well, it’s the perfect option for the discerning traveller who wants something a bit more upscale and classy.

Overall I have to say that the Tulip Inn Juba is the best option for your time in Juba. It’s convenient, friendly,  cost effective and more than comfortable. The amenities on hand are fantastic and you can’t go wrong with a poolside bar, room service and European cuisine. So if you’re in Juba, check out the Tulip Inn. You won’t regret it.


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