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Probably one of the biggest excuses not to travel is a lack of money to do so, but honestly there are some great ways out there to get funded for your next trip and one that I know very well myself and that is working on the road. Today I am going to talk a little bit more about some ways that you can fund your next trip and enjoy the beauty of trekking the globe.


There are an unbelievable number of competitions out there that encourage people to travel and this is for very good reason. Travel is a desire that most people have at some point in their lives.

One that interested me lately was a promotion that AXA ran this year called AXA’s Great Global Adventure. The reason this particular competition stood out to me was that there was an emphasis on self development as well as a travel element involved. This year’s winner, William, won the amazing opportunity to take advantage of 8 months of paid travel, as well as two six week internships in two different AXA locations around the world, and the opportunity to take part in a community project in Indonesia to teach local students about entrepreneurship and finance. Another reason that people don’t believe that they can travel is that they believe that it will have a detrimental impact on their career, but with the self and professional development aspects of this competition, there is no reason not to do it.

I will be following William’s Instagram closely to see how he is and where he is, because I know he is going to get a lot out of his experience.

I really hope that more competitions like this come around, because it is a great way for young people to start travelling without the economic pressures and also have the chance to experience some personal and professional development. Travel has taught me so much, so it is great that their are some creative initiatives out there to help people do it. And great news – AXA are running their second edition of their Great Global Adventure – apply for this here!

Work as you go

Working as you go is a great way to have the money to fund your travel lifestyle and if you have read before you will know that I have had quite a bit of experience in teaching English in Asia and this really has been something that I will never forget, I would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to get into travel, but isn’t exactly sure how. You won’t get rich by doing this, but the simplicity and beauty of being in a beautiful place is not comparable to anything I have experienced thus far.

Finding a base and travelling from there is one of the best ways to experience a country and there are a number of options to apply for a working holiday visa in many different countries.

Save before you go

People always tell me they are saving for travel, but I know a lot of people that aren’t making the sacrifices they need to to get travelling. These people generally don’t see the bigger picture and you really have to have a good look to see where your money is going. To give you an example you could go out in London for example and spend 60 pounds on food and drinks for a night (perhaps even more). Think about how far this type of money could go in Asia, you may not even spend this much in one week and the sooner you get your mind around to this, the easier it will be to make the necessary sacrifices to follow your dreams.

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3 thoughts on “Another way to travel: funding

  1. It really depends on where you are going, who with and for how long.

    Travellers cheques are a nightmare to get cashed these days. Few places want them.

    Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere now, debit cards are ok but be sure to have one specially for travel just in case it gets skimmed and takes your rent money etc. Take enough cash to get you started on transport, coffees and tips.

    There are also travel money cards where you load it with you holiday money. Then if anything happens to it there is a limited amount.

    All cards & cash should be used for the lowest user abroad/exchange rate, shop around

  2. Thanks Johnny, I haven’t gave up on my dream yet. Just trying to wrap my mind around the how? How will I be able to do it?

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