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For my trip to Phnom Pehn, I wanted to go with a small, boutique hotel near everything I wanted to do in the city, so Aram Boddhi Tree was the perfect choice. From the moment I stepped into the lobby, I felt the hotel’s unique charm and friendly, relaxing environment. The immediate feeling was one of open space, with high-ceilinged rooms and huge windows looking out onto the green surroundings. The boutique hotel has only 12 rooms, all large and luxuriously furnished. My room had a massive en suite bathroom, king-sized bed with very comfortable mattress, sexy flat screen TV and air conditioning unit, as well as a spacious balcony perfect for watching the sun go down. The entire hotel has great WiFi connection, so I never had problem hooking up to the internet.


It’s so nice to stay at a smaller hotel where you feel like the staff really cares about you, and Aram Boddhi Tree was exactly this. Every little detail seemed to be taken care of, from the elegant color scheme of the rooms to spacious yet cozy common areas and the staff’s eagerness to help me arrange transport from the city. The location also couldn’t be better, because the hotel is tucked away on a quiet street yet just a few minute’s walk from the National Museum and other major sights.


One of my favorite things about this hotel, aside from the wonderfully relaxing accommodations and gorgeous traditional Cambodian vibe, was the genuine spirit of the people who worked there. They are truly committed to helping visitors enjoy their stay and the sincere helpfulness adds such a positive vibe to the stay. They’ve also been doing social work with youth since 1997, and it was so interesting to talk with them about the importance of educating the youth in Cambodia in order to help them build a life. They’re also involved with community projects such as supporting healthcare for children, educating about Cambodia’s wildlife and planting trees at a children’s community. It really added an extra dimension to the trip to learn more about their culture and involvements and understand what is so important to these people. They truly love what they do, and love sharing their mission with those who come to stay, and it made my time there even more special.


I would recommend the Aram Boddhi Tree hotel to anyone who’s looking for a unique experience in a smaller hotel with incredible people ready to share their giving spirit with visitors.


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