Armenia is one of the oldest and unique countries in Transcaucasia. Despite its difficult history and lots of tragic events, this wonderful country has been able to preserve its rich culture and traditions. The territory of Armenia is quite small, however, it has so much to offer to its guests: the beautiful landscapes and ancient sights, delicious cuisine and attractive places for active holidays! The travelers visit Armenia not only for sightseeing tourism, but for active and extreme holiday as well, as here you can go skiing, snowboarding,

The ancient architecture monuments

The country is of a great interest for the travelers who prefer sightseeing tourism, because the sights are everywhere! However, the most important places are occupied by unique architecture monuments all of which are associated with Christianity and it is not by accident: Armenia is the first country in the world that adopted Christianity as a state religion. It happened in 301 with the assistance of Gregory the Illuminator (the founder of Christianity) and the Armenian king Trdat III. Now monuments of Christianity can be found everywhere throughout the country: the ancient temples and monasteries, unique cross-stones, covered with fine patterns, and frescoes found in abandoned monasteries.


One of the most revered and most popular places for Traveling to Armenia is Geghard Monastery, located on the slopes of the cliffs in the gorge of the River Azat. This unique monastery amazes by its rocky architecture, and not by chance that it is one of the most popular places among the travelers! A majestic nature surrounding the monastery complex is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

Another great place for visiting is Tatev Monastery– one of the most popular spiritual centers of the Middle Ages. The path to it goes through a very deep canyon, at the bottom of which the rough river Vorotan flows. You can reach the monastery either by car or by cable car, which is the longest in the world (5.7 km) and is included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Those who wish to admire Mount Ararat – the symbol of Armenia – should necessarily visit Khor Virap Monastery. It offers an indescribable and magnificent view of this unique mountain. This place has also an important historical significance: it was here, in the royal prison where for 13 years Gregory the Illuminator, the founder of Christianity, was imprisoned because of his beliefs.


Unique corners

It is no exaggeration to say that almost every corner of Armenia is worthy of attention, as it is no accident that the country is called “the museum under the open sky.” However, there are places that need our special attention. This visit of these unique and beautiful places will remain in memory for a long time.
First of all we should mention amazing azure Lake Sevan, which due to its indescribable beauty is also called “the pearl of Armenia”. This lake is considered one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world. Its territory is also an excellent area for a rest. Lots of cottages, hotels and tourist centers are built here. And for those who like diving, surfing, fishing, and yachting good conditions are created for a wonderful pastime. The territory around the lake is also famous for its sights: here you will find the famous Sevanavank Monastery, founded in the 4th century, as well as ancient temples of Astvatsatsin and Arakelots.

In Syunik region, 3 km from the cozy town of Sisian, there is another interesting place, so popular among travelers. It is an ancient megalithic complex, consisting of hundreds of large stones. This complex is called “Karahunj”, which is translated as “singing stones”. According to some researches, this unique attraction was constructed no later than 3 rd millennium BC. There are several opinions concerning the function of this construction, however, some years ago it was proved that the complex had an astronomical purpose, namely served as an observatory to watch the stars. In many steles there are drilled holes that correspond to the location of the stars in the sky 7.5 thousand years ago. Karahunj is also called “Armenian Stonehenge”.

In 2.5 hours’ drive from Yerevan at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level Selim mountain pass is located, which one of the favorite travel destinations. In ancient times, the famous Silk Road was passing here. Selim pass offers breathtaking views of the surrounding neighborhood: wide green valley with a winding long road and murmuring brooks. Once caravans passed away here, and Selim Caravanserai provided them with lodging for the night.

We must also note Lastiver Caves and the scenic road leading to them, so favorite among travelers who prefer hiking. This fabulous paved with white gravel road departs from the village Enovakan. To the right of the road dense and mysterious forest stretches, and to the left – deep and picturesque gorge filled with white fog. It takes about 3 km to walk from the village to the caves. In the 13-14 centuries, the local population hid here during the Mongol invasion. On the walls of the caves you can admire the bas-reliefs of indescribable beauty.

Cozy and picturesque resort towns

Armenia has a lot to offer to the calm and measurable holiday lovers. For this type of rest best of all will suit cozy Armenian resort towns, which will be discussed below.

One of the most famous is the resort town of Tsakhkadzor, located near the capital (50 km north-east of Yerevan). This picturesque little town is popular in both summer and winter. In the summer season, travelers visit it to retire from the bustle of the city, enjoy a refreshing climate and have a good rest. In winter, the city turns into a popular ski resort which attracts both locals and tourists from foreign countries. Here all the necessary conditions for ski and snowboard lovers are created including the cable way and more than ten ski trails. There are also lots of comfortable hotels and cottages in Tsakhkadzor that correspond to high standards.

Another no less popular and picturesque town is Jermuk known for its healing mineral springs. The air here is fresh and clean, and the beauty will hardly leave anyone indifferent. People come here not only to relax but also to improve their health, because since ancient times Jermuk mineral waters have served as a means of treatment for many diseases. In winter the town offers ski and snowboard activities as well.

Active life

As it was mentioned above, travelers visit Armenia not only to admire the scenery and see the sights. In fact, the country has something to offer for fans of active leisure.

The most popular sport in Armenia is, of course, skiing, as the natural conditions and the terrain are perfect for it. In order to enjoy this kind of outdoor activities, you need to go to Tsaghkadzor and Jermuk, which has already been discussed above.

However, skiing – that’s not all! The summer season has also something interesting for fans of extreme type of holiday. For more than a decade paragliding is practiced in Armenia. Flying places are beautiful and various. The most popular is Covagyugh village near Lake Sevan and Dozraglux village near Aparan town.

Armenia has no access to the sea, but mountains are in excess! That’s why all the travellers have an excellent opportunity to go for trekking, climb the famous mountain peaks, and some may even take mountaineering training, which is provided by Armenian Federation of Mountaineering and Mountain Tourism. The most popular is considered the climbing to Mount Aragats – the highest one in Armenia (4090 m).

No matter what kind of holiday you prefer, Armenia has something interesting for any tastes. And it’s important to note that any tourist at the end of his journey always marks the hospitality and kindness of the locals, the tasty food and unique and colorful atmosphere.

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