Berlin Pub Crawl: All You Need To Know

We all know that Pub crawl or bar-hopping involves a long night of moving from one place to another and trying out all the drinks. It is the best way to enjoy the real, vibrant nightlife of a city. 

With plenty of bars, lounges, and clubs, a pub crawl Berlin is the best option for you to enjoy the nightlife of the city to the fullest. The city has a whole lot of fun waiting for you to discover and experience. As exciting as it sounds, the chances of messing things up in a pub crawl are really high if you don’t have an exact plan.

Things to remember when planning the pub crawl

When you are planning an event involving drunk people, you really have to cover all the bases and also have some backup plans as well. Here are some of the details that you should keep in mind when planning the pub crawl in Berlin.

Select the right bars

Finding the right places to visit is the first thing you should do. Make sure that these places are close enough to each other so that you can easily move from one to another. Also, it is best to avoid places that can get busy during the time of the pub crawl.

Choose your drinks

Since pub crawls involve a lot of drinking, it is best to have an idea about drinks you are planning to have. Find out the drink types available at the places you will be visiting. Some bars and clubs will have specials. Learn about them beforehand and try them out when you visit the place.

Plan the itinerary

When you are planning a pub crawl, it is important to have an idea about the order of your visits. This will serve as an itinerary for you and everyone else taking part in the crawl. Creating such a schedule will also help you stay prepared and make changes smoothly during the crawl if needed. 

Find options for transportation

It will be easier for the group members if good public transportation options are available between the bars or clubs you are visiting. Most of your bar-hopping buddies will be too drunk towards the end of the crawl. So, it is also a good option to book some taxis in advance to help people get home safe.

Things to remember on the day of the pub crawl

Pub crawls is the best option to have an epic night out. However, if you are not following the basic rules, then it can also end up being your worse night ever. Here are some of the things to consider on the day of your pub crawl.

Have food early on

The biggest mistake that people make during a pub crawl is not setting the time to have food. It is important that all the members of your pub crawl group have food early on. So, make sure that the first or second place you visit has good food for everyone. Also, end the night at some late-night fast food joint. It will help you sober up easily and prevent hangovers to some extent.

Don’t lose momentum

Pub crawls are long and if you want to finish it, the whole group should keep up the pace. Make sure that no one is staying at one spot for a long period of time. Try to have only one drink from a pub or bar. It is a good trick to help you maintain your pace. 

Look out for each other

Pub crawls are meant to be epic. So, it is expected for people to be cut loose. For some, this means doing something stupid and inviting trouble. You are on a marathon of drinking with a large group of people. It is bound to go crazy. However, make sure that you or no one in the group is about to break out a fight or create a mess.

Know when to quit

It is okay to get drunk. That is the whole idea of pub crawls, right?!  Have your drinks, relax and roll with the crawl. But, know when you have reached your limit and act logically. If you are too drunk or tired to complete the crawl, stay at one place or call an Uber. Keep an exit plan in mind.

Best bars/pubs/clubs to visit on your pub crawl

The nightlife in Berlin is legendary. The city is known worldwide for its nightlife and you are sure to have the most exhilarating experience here. Make sure to visit these awesome nightclubs and bars on your pub crawl 

  1. Tresor
  2. Monkey Bar
  3. Sisyphos
  4. Watergate
  5. Green Door Bar
  6. Salon zur Wilden Renate
  7. Fairytale Bar
  8. Prater Biergarten
  9. Buck and Breck
  10. Klunkerkranich

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