EDIT 19TH August, 2022: Hey team, Johnny here, I tried to send this out to you guys a couple of months ago and you all emailed me to tell me Jack’s link didn’t work – sorry about that! It’s all fixed and ready to go now, check out Jack’s story, the link to the (Free!) masterclass and his journey to working remotely and hopefully making his fortune!

GUEST POST: Today’s guest post is from Jack Dalton. A 20-something American guy with big dreams to be free. To work from his laptop and chase his dreams. And he’s starting to make some progress. Here, he explains how with starting off by asking what is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing? The FREE masterclass on high ticket affiliate marketing is available HERE.

high ticket affiliate marketing
Me (Jack) in Slovakia

What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing; How It Works

Working remotely is everywhere we look now. And it’s huge progress. All we need is a laptop and an internet connection. We used to dream of that freedom. But, even with the digital nomad concept, if you’re an employee, you’re still tied to a job. You still have to answer to someone, to attend meetings. While it’s a huge step forward, it’s still not quite living the dream. So we can live in Lisbon, Chiang Mai or Bali, but still with that 9-5. So, we’re close, but not quite there.

And with that, how do we get to living the dream? Well, there are a plenty of ways the new breed of digital nomads make their money. From crypto, to amazon, blogging to onlyfans! For me? It was high ticket affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing:

Johnny has explained a little about affiliate marketing throughout his blog, both in his ‘how bloggers make money’ blog post and in his what is affiliate marketing blog post. But to make it super simple, affiliate marketing is when you recommend a product to someone, and if that person buys the product, you get a little commission. Like if johnny stays at a cool hotel, and then blogs about it, if you click his link and book it for some time in the future, he’ll make a few dollars. If you have a lot of traffic, those few dollars add up quickly. But if you don’t have a lot of traffic, that’s a slow game! So what then?

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing:

What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing? Exactly the same model as above, except the product you recommend, is high-end, expensive, and valuable. So even though you may only get a percentage of 5%-50%, when the product is $1000+, that’s a nice return. 

So, for me, a new presence in the online space, the high ticket affiliate marketing was the perfect way to get results fast. I don’t have a big social media following, I don’t have a lot of traffic on any of my websites, BUT if I know about great digital products that can help people on their journey, and I get a commission if they choose to buy it. Perfect! And that’s how I started on my affiliate marketing journey. 

My ethos. Avoid the trap!

I look at life similar to johnny. The status quo is terrifying. It seems so unfulfilling. As we grow up society dictates us to follow a specific path. Go to college, get a good job, get married, buy a house, save as much as you can, retire and then die. This is the American dream according to society. Oh and let’s not forget for all of us who love to travel. You’re supposed to settle for only 2 weeks of vacation and maybe after years and years of employment, you’ll get another week or two. 

Work 40 hours or more a week just to pay the bills and barely get by. Trade even more of your time and make a little more which will be eaten up by your expenses faster than you know it. Spend most of your paycheck on bills, groceries, the precious 401K, and save just a little. It even gets worse from here. 

To get to this point you spend tens of thousands on education which takes up most of your youth and you don’t even remember a lot of it. On top of that only sometimes do you actually need the expensive education to make it far. 

The status quo doesn’t sound so hot

Subscribe to a company for 40-50 years hoping one day you’ll be in one of their $200K a year positions and be financially free. You start at a very young age after finishing university and hope to be at the top by your late 50’s or early 60’s costing you most of your life’s free time. Work insane hours and maybe there’s a slim chance you will rise to the top many years later.

There’s a huge chance you won’t even get to the top because every company only has a small group of $200K a year positions. You will probably get company politics shoved down your throat as well. Sacrificing the best years of your life to be rewarded with a retirement that you (since we are being honest) are too old to enjoy. It’s incredible that this plan is not only acceptable but encouraged over and over again by society. 

What’s your reward for losing most of your life? Something like playing endless rounds of golf. Or buying a different house somewhere else and relaxing on the porch for days on end thinking about all the things you wish you did when you were younger. Wishing you didn’t take life so seriously and just flat out lived more. 

Finally, we get into what our culture over the years has so carelessly named the real world. This is viewed as the sane choice. The choice you get patted on the back for. The choice your family and friends made and you make just to fit in. Nope.

I wanted something different.

Maybe you’re the same as me. Did you ever feel like you were made for more?  To create? To live instead of just exist?  But also to inspire others?  To not settle for average?  To live your one life on your terms?  Finding your passion and give back to the world?  That was me. That IS me still. 

Tell people that you want to live a different life. You don’t want to spend most of your life making someone else rich. You want to be your own boss, set your own hours, create something amazing and inspire others. To shortcut your journey to $200K and don’t want how much time you trade to determine when you’ll get there. Tell people this and they’ll tell you you’re crazy. 

New opportunities?

In this day and age we can have a life of:

  • One way flights to Bali
  • Going to bed without setting an alarm
  • Endless adventure 
  • Watching Netflix all day on a Monday
  • Going to the movies at 2pm on a Tuesday 
  • Zero bosses
  • Total time, financial, and location freedom 

Sure it takes hard work. You’ve probably seen people do it online, even Johnny is an example of it. But you just don’t know where to start or what business model to choose. 

what is high ticket affiliate marketing
What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing; My travels in Dubai

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing. Ultimate Lifestyle Business

For me, with no big blog, no big social, I needed to jump straight to high ticket affiliate marketing. I discovered a gem in the online world, “the Ultimate Lifestyle Business”.

An online business where you promote other people’s already successful digital products and courses. 

What makes this business stand out from others? Why is it the ultimate lifestyle business? 

One word. FREEDOM. The amount of freedom it provides. 

You can break down any business into 3 simple parts:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Fulfillment

In most businesses you have to do all three but in high ticket affiliate marketing since you’re leveraging someone else’s proven business system, they’re doing the sales and fulfillment. Your only job as an affiliate is marketing. This business will allow you to achieve the 3 pillars of freedom. Time, financial and location. 

Andrew James

One of the most successful entrepreneurs in this high ticket model is Andrew James. A 26 year old multi millionaire who has used this business to achieve his dream lifestyle and has been traveling the world full time for the last 6 years. 

After achieving his own success he built his own program that teaches people how to set themselves free with this business model and offers a free training for anyone interested in learning more about whether this business is for you. That’s exactly what I did to get started.

You’re turn to take a chance?

Are you interested in learning more about this business model and to find out “What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing” and how you can set yourself free and escape the box of society? 

Click the link HERE to start your new lifestyle, and let me help you!


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