Travel has brought me so much in life, it’s allowed to me take care of my loved ones, to see the world, to experience things I used to only dream about. I really love and cherish all the experiences along the way, but I also understand that it is not always the easiest thing in the world to commit to such a lifestyle. There are so many doubts and questions that really need to be answered when it comes to travel, especially for young people. Questions like “How do I get enough money to travel?” or “Will travelling ruin my CV?” are things that often come up, but there certainly are ways to go travelling to combine the benefits of getting the great experiences that we want, enough money to actually make it possible and also a boost to our CVs.  

For me teaching English was my first step to this crazy, awesome new lifestyle. Living and teaching English in Thailand was an incredible experience, and one I wouldn’t trade for anything. Getting my TEFL sorted and getting a job set me up to be where I am now.

So let’s focus a bit more on TEFL courses at i-to-i today and the opportunity it gives young people to live. Check out their site here for prices and dates etc 🙂

teaching english in asia

The problem

People seem to be living it up on Instagram, you want to do something amazing with your life but it’s so scary. One of the biggest stresses that we feel is not knowing what to do once we finish university or even whilst studying or working. The uncertainty of the future gets in our way and a lot of people want to get another perspective on the world, but are held back by the standard restraints – money, family and comfort zones.

Finally though, the way we think about our lives and how we value experiences has vastly changed and the adventurous spirit of young people is becoming stronger and stronger. A chink of light is starting to emerge, and it’s our time to take life by the scruff of the neck.
teaching english in asia

The solution

For me, and potentially for you, teaching English in Asia can offer the best of both worlds. For me it was quite honestly one of the best things that I have ever done. It’s a great opportunity for people to base themselves in another country, feel alive, contribute to society, make some money and of course… travel!

Personally, I taught in Thailand and South Korea on a few occasions. I used those countries as my base and explored literally every country in Asia. I studied the local language, made new friends (both expat and locals) and I look back at those experiences as some of the best of my life. Not only that, it wasn’t just another backpacking trip, I felt valued, I had a work permit, visa, apartment etc. It was a rewarding adventure, and one that I often consider throwing myself back into. But how do you get started? The first step is to do a TEFL course at i-to-i.

teaching english in asia

What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” and despite what many people believe, this is a certification for those wanting to teach English as a foreign language (T E F L).

 As well as this, i-to-i also offers paid TEFL internships to places like China, Thailand and Vietnam. These allow you to find a job for a fixed period and offer a great living allowance each month so that you can explore the country of your choosing or even other countries in the region! This is not your typical internship where you make coffee or print things, this is a hands-on internship where you really can get stuck in, learn and grow.

teaching english in asia

So why study a TEFL and teach English?

If I haven’t convinced you guys enough already, here are some of the best reasons you should take an i-to-i TEFL course:


  • Make money whilst you travel – The traditional method of travel is, of course, to save money for your trip. This can take a lifetime! However, if you learn to teach English you can get going after finishing the course and you can earn as you travel. This is absolutely the best way to keep travelling for an extended period of time without having to go back home to work.
  • Learn some new skills – Getting yourself into an environment where you are out of your comfort zone is a great opportunity to learn some new skills. You also don’t need to be a language expert if you want to teach English with a TEFL certification, so there really isn’t any reason not to do it.
  • Improve your CV – Teaching English with a TEFL certification is a productive way to get working experience whilst still travelling rather than just travelling. Some people fear the gap in their CV that this can create, and this is certainly the solution to this dreaded gap. Not only is it a way to get yourself integrated into a working routine, but also to bring some balance to your life.
  • Enrich your life through travel – Travel has become one of the most important things in my life and the memories and experiences that I have from my journeys are something that will stay with me to my last day. I cannot recommend the benefits of travel more for enriching your life and to experience different cultures, friendships, relationships, climates, food and much more.
  • Flexibility – One of my favourite aspects of teaching English is the amazing flexibility it gives people and your schedule will never be the same from week to week. Sometimes you will be able to work less or a little bit more. This gives you the ultimate freedom to go and explore to your heart’s content. This is a thousand times better than being chained to a desk in a big corporation at home!


Teaching English changed my life, it’s honestly as simple as that. It taught me it’s possible to live overseas, to enter a country alone yet create a new life somewhere. It gave me the confidence to go on to visit every country in the world, and it gave me the funds to travel in the short-term too. If you’re wanting a change of direction in your life, don’t hesitate guys.

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