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Check Your Snail Mail from Anywhere and Other Travel Preparation Tips

In the age of mobile technology and smartphones, we carry our social lives, work, and entertainment along with us everywhere we go.  This makes communicating with our friends and family easier, makes shopping more convenient, and provides us with more information than ever before.  Our lives are becoming increasingly wireless and hands-free, but we’ve largely still been tethered to a physical address.  Imagine how convenient it would be to have your Snail Mail follow you wherever you wanted to go. You would then be free to travel and not have to concern yourself with missing important information while on the go.

Consider a Virtual Mailbox

Adopting a virtual mail service provider allows a person to receive mail, packages, magazines, and more from any carrier with a real U.S. street address.  This gives merchants and those in peer-to-peer sales the ability to validate the identity of customers, while also protecting the privacy of their users. 

This type of service also allows foreign customers to shop online within the United States because it gives merchants a physical street address for deliveries and returns.  Using cloud technology, your information is kept secure, allowing you to receive bank and credit card statements, and to deposit checks from anywhere, at any time.

Other Security Measures for Travelers

In addition to using a virtual mailbox , there are other ways for you to keep your home or business more secure if you are going to be away for long periods of time.  The following measures can be taken to keep your property safer, which will give you peace of mind so you can enjoy that vacation or allow you to tolerate that business trip you may be dreading.  Taking these steps can potentially protect you from disaster and save you money in the long run.

  • Consider investing in a security system, and if you are an existing customer with such a service, you may want to inform your provider so they can notify you immediately in case of a break-in.
  • Use a traveling tablet or other smart device that allows you to access your personal and professional information from anywhere in the world .  You may need an international data plan to use your device abroad.
  • The use of timers, motion sensors, and voice recorders can give the illusion that someone is home, reducing the likelihood of a break-in; some products can even be controlled remotely using your preferred device, such as smartphone, tablet, or PC.
  • Hire a lawn service or neighbor to rake leaves, remove snow, or mow your grass while you are away.  You can also have family or friends park in your driveway, feed your animals, and generally keep an eye on your property; Some police departments may also do “vacation checks”.
  • Check and secure all windows and doors, including in the garage, and take up any spare keys you may have hidden.
  • Protect your utilities by turning down the water heater, using a surge protector with electronics, or unplugging any unneeded appliances.
  • Be careful about posting your travel plans on social media and only provide specific details of your itinerary as needed. You may even consider encrypting you correspondences.

Whether for business or for pleasure, taking these simple steps can make coming home more pleasant and in turn, will make your overall trip a much happier and more memorable experience.



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