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Come to Iraq with me in September (100% serious!)

The Martyr Monument, Baghdad, Iraq
The Martyr Monument, Baghdad, Iraq


So at the end of September, 3 nights/4 days, I’ve organised a quick ‘city break’ in Baghdad and Babylon. Crazy? Maybe. But Iraq is safer than it’s been for years, and it’s a ‘once in a lifetime’ kinda trip, so here we go.

It’s quite a last minute thing, I know. I’ve actually been working behind the scenes on this for 6 months already, it takes a lot of planning to organise a trip to Iraq, safely, with proper paperwork and schedules. And finally we’re good to go. The paperwork can be a headache, so the Letters of Invitation for all of us has to begin processing next week (starting Monday 30th July) so if you want to join, we need to know this weekend, sorry for the rush. That’s life with extreme travel!


On my trip to every country in the world, I visited ‘Iraq’ but I kind of cheated.There’s an area in Northern Iraq called Iraqi Kurdistan, the capital of that is Erbil, and I visited there. Technical it’s Iraq, but it’s really not. It has it’s own borders, currencies, laws etc, so it didn’t sit well with me, time to put it right.
Besides, Bahgdad is always in the news, and I want to see what it’s actually like, on the ground level. I’m curious, and i know a lot of you crazy travellers are too.

Ancient city of Babylon
The Ancient city of Babylon


It’s pricey, not gonna lie. Initially, I planned to go just me and one of my best friends (Anthony from, but we were quoted $7,000USD just for 2 of us. After some negotiation, and dialogue, it would work out a lot cheaper, and more fun, to bring more of us, so we opened it up!

Now we’ve managed it get the price down to $1950 for the 3 nights/4 days. Stil expensive I know, but it’s the cheapest trip I’ve seen without going in solo and winging it, something even I’m not too keen on to be honest.

Downtown Baghdad
Downtown Baghdad


Hotels, guides, breakfast. Dinner is on us but it’s pretty cheap. Most important is that the Letter of Invitation IS included. The Iraqi company will officially invite us, give us the paperwork and then we’ll go to the embassy of our choosing to apply for the visa. It has to be in your home country or where you legally work/live.


We won’t be traveling with a security detail, Baghdad and Babylon are in the ‘safe’ areas of Iraq under full control of the new Iraqi government. It’s much, much safer than my trip to Mogadishu, Somalia, or that stupid time I took my mum to Afghanistan! Our guides are local, trust worthy professionals who work with all the large multinationals when they send people to Baghdad.


International airfare, visa fees (40 GBP in the UK as far as I’m aware), dinners, lunches, tips, (beers?!).


This is actually amazing. Initially Anthony and myself, then a couple more, then a couple more and it turns out that I’m not the only travel lunatic in the world. There are 8 of us going now, 5 guys, 3 girls with 2 or 3 more quite keen to join. 5 of the group are American which is a nice change the standard narrative the world holds about the USA’s attitude to the Arabic world 🙂

In terms of arriving in Baghdad, the main flights fly from Istanbul and from Dubai, so I’d assume most of us will be connecting there. I have set up a group facebook chat where we are all talking about plans, so once we’re on board, I’ll add you to that and we can meet for a coffee or beer in the airport and fly in together. So yup, new friends, old history and an epic trip to tell the grandkids about, I honestly can’t wait!



This is the schedule:

(NOTE. This is subject to change of course, Iraq is still Iraq!)

DAY 1:

Depending on time of our arrival to Baghdad airport, we’ll check into the hotel, then head out sightseeing.  First up is visiting the golden dome Mosque of Kadhimyah, then we’ll head over to the Iraqi Statue of Liberty (Al Tahrer square). After some food, we’ll see the real side of Iraqi life in Baghdad as we stroll along the Tigris river edge and finish up with the iconic  Martyr Monument. Overnight in Baghdad

DAY 2:

We jump in our private transport and leave the city, heading towards Hilla. From there we’ll visit the old historical city of Babylon, home to one of the original 7 Wonders of the World (although nothing there now!) but we’ll visit the base of the Hanging Gardens. Then the thing I’m most looking forward to –  Saddam Hussein’s palace! Finally we’ll check out Borsippa, the footprint of prophet Ibrahim, and back to Baghdad to overnight.

Saddam Hussein's palace
Saddam Hussein’s palace

DAY 3:

After breakfast, it’s time for a little culture. I can pretend to be interested while we visit the Iraqi National museum and the Baghdadi folk museum. Moving on to Dar Al Hikmah (the government buildings during the Othman & British era) Abbasside palace, the Baghdad cultural centre, and then an afteroon mixing with the locals as we stroll around downtown Baghdad. Overnight in Baghdad

Baghdad's Shorjah market
Baghdad’s Shorjah market

DAY 4:

This is our departure day. Right now our Iraqi guys have nothing planned, but depending on the time of flights out, we’ll work something out as a group with the guides. The benefit of going on a private tour!


I cannot believe we’re actually going to explore Baghdad and Babylon. It’s difficult for me to find new and exciting places to visit after visiting every country in the world, so this is something truly special. I can’t wait to share the experience with you guys too, so the more the merrier. Remember though, the cut-off date for this is Monday morning UK time! If you want to come, please email me on with any questions, and then your passport and the embassy you’ll be applying from.

Finally, this isn’t a standard G Adventure/tour company trip. I don’t know what to expect as much as you guys. This is as real as travel gets, so lets expect stuff to be a little rough around the edges, perhaps even a little disorganised, but it’ll be the adventure of a lifetime. See you in Baghdad!

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18 thoughts on “Come to Iraq with me in September (100% serious!)

  1. C’mon dude, i’ve just come back from Baghdad and spent $500 for a week including everything.
    Why $1950?!?!? it makes no sense…but all the best bro.

    1. You’re welcome to try to backpack in Baghdad buddy, personally I wouldn’t even consider that. Too dangerous.

  2. Its amazing that you have been to every country in the world, something I thought one can not do in lifetime. Amazing achievement. However I am pretty disappointed with your site and blog. The layout is pretty tiring and not so easy to navigate. and you got millions for that? I hope it can improve as I would love to read much more.

  3. When you go to Iraq, then you have bigger cojones than me 😀
    But I could imagine to there one day just because of the Martyr Monument.

      1. A country struggling to find its way, must be a country all should visit and at least look beneath the bed

  4. I thought you already make millions of money?
    Then why you need to make more money from making some trip to Iraq?

    It’s bullshit. Because you are full of bullshit and lies. And you newsletter is just spam mails full of shit same like you.

    Anyone believing in your page and your lies must be stupid.

    Only money you make is from fooling people to buy your e-books, your trips and other bullshit.

    1. haha chill out buddy! You know I don’t sell ANY products on my site right? The ebook is completely free, and I have no way of making money from it. It’s for people to see that it’s possible to change their life the same way i did 🙂 I have no life coaching, no courses, no ebooks or anything to sell. My advertising makes me my money, I don’t make it from my readers. But hey, whatever fits your narrative!

      The only thing I do sell, is through my charity, where we try to build 4 projects per year in the developing world. You’re welcome to donate to that where again 100% of donations go entirely to the charity, again I don’t take a penny. But again, seems you don’t like that!

      Anyways mate, good luck to you 🙂

      1. Actually first I think your page look interesting.
        I’m just saying what I think after I subscribed to your newsletter and the kind of mails I keep getting from you.

        And ok let’s say your e-book is for free.

        But still you didn’t mention anything about your Iraq trip.
        A trip that you make to make money from.

        And you don’t like I judge or assume something about you.

        But same time you do exactly same and assume that I don’t like doing charity.

        Something you also don’t know, but assume and judge me.

        So you are not much better yourself.

        And again that Iraq trip seems weird that you ask your readers to join you.

        And don’t tell me it’s just a trip and fun or other good reasons.

        It’s obvious it’s about making money for you.

        And about you making millions. Good for you if true.

        But no one than yourself and people close to you really knows if it’s true.

        You can write anything on your webpage, but no one know if really true.

        1. haha sure mate, if it makes you feel better to think i didn’t make a couple of mill online, and maybe i didn’t visit every country, then believe that. Hope you’re well.

  5. Dang, if I didn’t already have travel plans I would be all over this! I had the absolute best time in neighboring Iran, and am super curious to check out Iraq. I’d be interested to hear about the process and any recommended contacts if you’re willing to share, so that I can arrange a trip in the future when my schedule opens up. I need to crack the 110 country mark, as I’ve sorta plateaued in the last few months.

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