Come and Climb Mount Fuji, Japan’s Highest Mountain, for Charity



Come to Japan, climb Mount Fuji for charity, and then explore Tokyo in July 2019.  6 nights, 7 days. All the details below for an adventure of a lifetime…

Getting lost amongst Tokyo’s neon-lit streets, late night sake at a local bar as Japanese businessmen never fail to have one-too-many, paying respects to Meiji Shrine, searching for Geishas around Senso Ji temple, or getting beaten by 12-year-olds on a retro Nintendo machine.  And all in the shadow of the awesome Mount Fuji. You can enjoy all of Tokyo’s highlights that little bit more knowing you’ve just summited Japan’s highest peak the day before…

NOTE: If you don’t want to join (why not though?!), you can DONATE to our GoFundMe and help fight Parkinsons. NONE of the donations go to pay to our trip, we pay for our trip ourselves 100%. ALL DONATIONS will go directly to the charity. 


Climbing Mount Fuji for Charity
Mount Fuji from a distance…

Life is meant for more than Monday morning meetings, and the same yearly holiday to the same, tired resort. Also, retirement shouldn’t mean hours lost in front of day-time TV and having finally grown up needn’t mean we don’t get to spend quality time with our parents (or children) either. Finally, we know we’re lucky to have the opportunity to travel, but not everyone is so fortunate, so for sure let’s go have an epic adventure, let’s do something to make ourselves proud, but let’s give back too, even just a little. It all adds up. Now let’s do all that stuff in one neon-light, bullet-trained, maid-cafe, iconic-mountain-top, Japanese themed trip. Let’s go climb Mount Fuji together in July for charity!

The neon streets of Tokyo
The neon streets of Tokyo

So We’re Really Going to Climb Mount Fuji?! Why?

Yes! But not only that, we’re going to meet in Tokyo, make our way to Fuji together, spend a day soaking up the energy and doing some sightseeing, then the following morning start the ascent, sleep in a Japanese mountain hut, then wake up and hike to the Summit for Sunrise. Then we’ll make our way down, check-in to our hotel, enjoy a cold beer and relax in a natural onsen, a Japanese hot spring, patting ourselves on the back.

Then it’s off to Tokyo for a couple of nights, complete with a local guide, to explore one of the world’s most fascinating cities. The itinerary is listed in detail below but think about maid-themed-cafes, electric skyscrapers, ancient temples, and amazing food.  Before long, on Day 7, it’s time to hit the road. I know a few people who are already signed up will be off to Vietnam to explore a much cheaper destination, whereas my mum and I will be heading to Bangkok, Thailand (although I have my eye on Okinawa as well). I’d be happy to recommend other destinations for anyone who joins us too, Asia has been my home for 12 years, and there are very few of the famous places I haven’t managed to visit yet!

Climbing Fuji for sunrise
Climbing Fuji for sunrise

And What’s this about Charity? Cure Parkinsons.

You can read more about my mum’s condition, and why we’re raising money for Cure Parkinson’s here, or you can see the snapshot below:

If you follow my blog or my social media channels, you guys will know I grew up in a single-parent family in Ireland, and despite a few years on welfare, my mum drummed into me a belief in myself to achieve my goals. She always had my back, and the last few years I’ve brought her along on some crazy travel adventures (see the time I took her to Kabul, Afghanistan or recently to Iraq!). About 5 years ago, around 2013, my mum was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. You guys may associate it with the ‘shaking’ disease where people often have an uncontrollable tremor, that’s one of the many symptoms associated with this chronic brain ailment. But my mum, as always, has targeted it head-on. She turned veggie, upped her Alkaline diet, hit the gym every day, and 5 years on, she’s going stronger than ever. She recently hit her 50th country, and now with the big 70th birthday looming, it was time to do something epic once more. Climb Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest peak, for charity. So we figured why not make a trip out of it, and bring some more people along. More money raised for charity, more fun, and maybe an adventure that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

traveling in iraq
My mum and in Iraq recently together


July 7th to 13th, 2019


$1849USD /£1450GBP  per person sharing

– 10% non-refundable deposit ($190/£145) to secure your spot, just 12 spots available (8/12 spots gone!).

– Full balance to be paid 2 months before the trip. Balance should be paid by May 7th 2019

– PAYMENT PLAN: Monthly payments are accepted too – 10% deposit this month, followed by monthly payments of $283/£221 December 2018 to May 2019. Message/Email/Instagram/Facebook me and we’ll work it out.

*If you come, I’d love you to help us raise money for Cure Parkinson’s, but of course it’s not compulsory. We started a GoFundMe here, you can create your own team within the GoFundMe too, if we could raise £500 each, we’d get to our £8k target superfast. So please help us fight Parkinson’s!

climb mount fuji
Mount Fuji in the distance


July 7th, DAY 1
July 7th, DAY 1

Arrive in Tokyo anytime today, we’ll plan your way to the city centre, check-in to the hotel, and we’ll all go for a group dinner, chat about the trip, the climb and maybe have time for a warm Sake in true Japanese fashion!


If you missed it out the window of your flight, then this is the morning you’ll finally set eyes on the beautiful Mount Fuji. After navigating the public transport system in Tokyo, an event in itself, we’ll jump on our journey south to the town of Fujiyoshida, right at the base of Fuji-san and on the cusp of Lake Kawaguchi. We’ll check into our hotel, then off to spend the day truly appreciating the climb ahead.

First up, is Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway. Once we reach the top of Mount Tenjō, Mount Fuji will be staring right back at us. Spend a second to think by the following night, we’ll be perched almost at the top. Down we go, a boat road around Lake Kawaguchi and then a tour around the lake. Back to the hotel for dinner, maybe a hot Sake drink, and an early night. Tomorrow, we climb!


It’s climb day! Depending on the fitness of the group, we may need to split into 2 groups, if so there’ll be a guide for both a faster group and a slower group. I’ll be sticking with my mum, who is team captain of the slow group! We’ll have an early breakfast then take the train from Kawaguchiko station to Fuji 5th station, the starting point for 90% of climbers wishing to summit Mount Fuji.

The slow group will start the hike around 9am, hoping to arrive at the mountain hut around 6pm (around 3,300m/11,000 feet). The faster group will start the hike around 1pm, just after lunch, and we will meet again around 6pm, hopefully over an overpriced beer where we’ll bunk down for the night Japanese style.


SUMMIT DAY! Early wake-up, around 1am for the slower group (3am for the speed demons), and a slow climb to the summit (3,776 m/11,000ft). Once we’re there we’ll take an hour or so to wander around, celebrate and appreciate the achievement. Around 6am, we’ll begin our descent, arriving at the 5th station around 11am or so.

Almost time to soothe those weary limbs, we’ll have a bite to eat then head to the hotel to check-in, have a nap and shower. Late afternoon we have a date with a natural hot spring, first beer is on me! Congrats! Then a celebratory group dinner, and back to the hotel.

We’ll take the morning transport back to Tokyo, drop our bags at our hotel and we’re off to explore Japan’s futuristic Capital city, alongside our local guide. First up is lunch at a theme cafe, if you’ve never heard or seen these things in Tokyo, then prepare to be amazed/creeped out. We’ll head over to the busiest crossing in the world, Shibuya crossing, and grab a coffee at the busiest Starbucks in the world.

maid cafe tokyo

After our recharge, we’ll wander down to one of Tokyo’s most famous landmarks, the Meiji Shrine. Stunning ancient Japanese architecture, here we’ll pay our respects to the shrine, dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken.

After a few pics, we’ll wonder to the then walk to Harajuku, or more specifically Takeshita-dori, which is a bustling narrow street several blocks to the north. It’s a rite of passage for traveling to Tokyo, people dressed up in their ‘cosplay’, you can go for a spot of shopping in their weird and wonderful stores, or sit back and watch the quirkiness of Japan walk right past you.

Pit stop back at the hotel, and then we’ll be heading out to Tokyo’s bustling Roppongi for dinner and drinks. Either have a bite to eat and hit the sack, or if you’re feeling energetic, explore Tokyo’s banging bar scene.


An (optional) early start to get down to Tokyo’s world famous fish market this morning.  It opens at 4am for the auction, but getting there around 8am for a fresh breakfast is a little more palatable! The busiest fish market in the world, get ready for the manic rush!

After breakfast, we’ll head over to Tokyo’s Akihabara district, or ‘Electric Town’. This is the Tokyo you hear about when you’re young. Nintendo and Sega everywhere, you can have a bash at some retro arcade games, or go hunting for any gadget you can think of (and plenty you can’t!) , there’s nothing you can’t get here! The Anime and manga subculture is spilling out from every nook and cranny.

After modern Tokyo, we’re off to Tokyo’s most historic temple, Senso Ji Temple. With any luck, we’ll see Geisha’s wandering around, skycrapers in one shot, and Tokyo’s largest Buddhist temple in the other – this is truly where new and old Japan meet. After exploring, with the camera batteries running low, just a step away is a Nakamise shopping arcade where every Japanese back known to man is waiting for you to try.

Back to the hotel for shower and a change (or a nap for the those feelign weary), before we have our last group dinner at a Robot Restaurant. Labour is cheap here when you order from iPads, and futuristic robots deliver the food to the table.

One last night on the town in the Kabukicho district, this is worth a trip for anyone’s first trip to Tokyo. Often referred to as Japan’s red-light district, this is where the Japanese ‘salary-men’ unwind after a hard day at the office. Neon, cos-play and lots of hole-in-the-wall bars. Either stop by for a quick look, or spend your last night in the chaos of Tokyo. Either way, after Fuji, and running around Tokyo for 2 days, we’ve earned it. 


Home time, or at least your time with us is up! Whether you’re off to explore other Asian countries, or heading back to home, we’ll help you get to the airport. 

After zipping around Tokyo, you’ve earned yourself a holiday! Just don’t forget to brag to your holiday friends that you just summited Mount Fuji, it’s Japan’s highest peak. Did we mention that already?! Until the next time….Arigato


  • All accommodation
  • 2 days Tokyo tour and entrance fees
  • Mount Fuji Climb Yoshida Trail
  • Mount Fuji Accommodation
  • Bus or Train to/from Fuji
  • 5 Breakfasts* (hotel or nearby)


  • International airfare (I can help you find a good deal though)
  • Travel insurance
  • All other food + drinks
  • Any Visas you may require (most of my readers won’t require a visa, don’t worry)
  • Airport transfers (I’ll assist with this though)



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