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You’re probably familiar with using hotels for overnight stays, but did you know you can also reserve hotels for day use as well?  Whether you are in town for a day for a business trip or for pleasure, all the amenities of a hotel can be yours. If you love the experience of staying in hotels overnight and all the convenience and amenities that offers, you may want to seek out the ease and pleasure of this experience during the morning or afternoon as well. Read on to discover a few key reasons that day use hotels are a great option for you to explore.


  1. Flexible Scheduling

We all live busy lives on the go, and sometimes travel plans need to be made quickly. With the

same day hotels like those offered by HotelsByDay you will be well taken care of for your short term and quick reservation needs. You can enjoy services like secure booking, same day booking, and even free cancellation with a quality day use hotel. Maybe it’s mid-afternoon, morning, or late afternoon; maybe you only need a hotel room for a few hours while you shop. With day use hotels this is not going to be an issue. Flexibility is the name of the game with this innovative style of hotel usage and your needs are paramount.


  1. Location Variety

There are hundreds of day use hotels available for you to use. This revolutionary industry is all over the map, and you can find a hotel that works for you and even use customer reviews as you make your plans online. Perhaps you have an evening meeting but are getting into town early and need to work, nap, or workout—your needs will be taken care of. reports that location, ambience, and local flavour are among the top qualities to look for in a hotel. Now you can find a hotel that meets your needs in these areas and utilize the hotel during the day!  Perhaps you are a sight seer and are only passing through a new, beautiful town for a day or a few hours, but you need a place to call your own, or perhaps you are meeting up with your college roommate in a new, mysterious city that is half way between where the two of you live—consider a day use hotel in these instances too. Maybe your big day trip is centered around a city, an airport, or a big event. A day use hotel can help you to stay coordinated, well rested, and prepared. There are so many special places in the works waiting to be explored and waiting for you to pass through and take a look around. Day use hotels will help you to be a flexible and empowered traveller wherever you may choose to go next. Whatever you have planned, you can imagine how having your own hub to return to, work out of and live from at a wonderful, well reviewed hotel will make your day so much better.


  1. Affordability

Day stay rates are generally going to be cheaper than a hotel’s normal rates, and often can offer you a guarantee of a low day rate. If you have to make a last minute layover or a quick trip, you may not have planned or budgeted a lot of money ahead of time for hotel accommodations. A day stay hotel will likely be very helpful to you in this situation. explains that finding out what amenities for a hotel are covered and which require extra fees is a key step to take when evaluating and choosing a hotel. You may want to use the Wi-Fi or gym during the day, or even go for a swim or have a free complimentary breakfast, and research online can tell you which hotels will offer this at an affordable price for your day visit reservation. recommends you also consider luxury as a key factor in your hotel searches and evaluations. A high quality hotel will give you a luxurious, accommodating, and enjoyable experience without emptying your bank account, and this standard applies to day use hotels as well. Comfort is key on any trip in order for you to be happy and successful, no matter how short or abbreviated the stay may be. If you haven’t stayed in a day use hotel yet, you may want to integrate it into your next short or unexpected trip.


Maybe you need somewhere to get dressed for a big night out in a new city, or to use as a home base while you go on a shopping extravaganza. Maybe you are taking yourself or your family or friends in a surprise daycation. Regardless, hotels that function under the day use hotel umbrella or category are extremely useful, affordable, and diverse.


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