Among all the cities in the world, Dubai is one of the most prestigious ones and is ranked as the best tourist spot for foreigners and families in 2018 as well. While you are in Dubai, you will discover a whole new place of entertainment, cultural norms and a lot of places having sheer fun for most of the families and tourists.

One prominent place to visit in Dubai City is Dubai Desert. If you are a tourist, you might have heard its name. The place is providing all type of luxuries and fun for tourists from all across the world.

The desert of Dubai hosts many events, make the use of their luxury services and makes sure that no one gets bored while they are visiting this place.

While, our main topic is about entertainment you can enjoy in Dubai, so, we will be exploring some vast areas of desert Dubai safari and what is available on its premises.

Without any further ado, let’s jump right into the main topic.

Timings Of Desert Safari Tour

There are usually three timings in which you can visit a desert safari. The three most common timings are

  • In Morning
  • In Evening and
  • Overnight.

No, we will be discussing that what kind of things and lavishes you can enjoy in a specific timing. So, let’s have a look;

Morning Desert Safari

There are a lot of services and entertainment areas for people who want to visit desert safari in morning. Some of the best entertainment places that you can enjoy while visiting desert safari in morning are as follows:

  1. Pick and Drop From Hotel

There are many companies providing service of pick and drop from the hotel you are currently residing in. All type of luxurious cars are available and you can pick your choice according to your will and wish.

These cars will not only pick you up from the hotel, but they will also drop you off at your favorite destination in the morning where all fun activities are going to start.

  1. Desert Dune Bashing

The first fun activity you can enjoy after you are being dropped off in a desert is dune bashing. There are a lot of vintage cars available including some Land Cruisers and other ones. You can pick one of them for your first ride in the desert.

All of the cars have got the most experienced drivers and they will drive the car in such a way that you can enjoy desert at its fullest. That being said, you will get to feel the sand of desert safari Dubai as well.

  1. Camel Ride

Another important and the most fun activity to enjoy in a desert while you have visited it in morning is the camel ride.

As we, all know that camel is a traditional animal of a desert and without its ride, you cannot really enjoy desert in the best possible way. Camel rides may include a tour and trip to vast areas of the desert via camel so that you can discover a long part of desert in a traditional way.

Those were all those prominent activities you can enjoy while visiting desert safari in morning.

Evening Desert Safari

While the time is going on, now soon evening would be taking cover. In case you are visiting the desert safari in evening, you can enjoy a lot of fun activities here as well.

Some prominent ones from them are as follows;

  1. Sun Set Photography

Evening desert safari is a place in heaven for most of the photographers. If you are a professional photographer and you want to catch the desert sunset in an ideal way, visiting in evening might be an ideal deal for you.

You can take pictures of sunset, make different videos for your projects or your vlogs while you are visiting here in order to make this trip more memorable.

  1. Sandboarding

Another mesmerizing fun activity for you to do while visiting the desert in evening is by doing sandboarding.

This experience is ideal for most of the people who want to feel the core of the desert dunes. Sandboarding can be done by renting some skates in order to enjoy the best possible experience of desert safari.

  1. Henna Painting

For most of the tourists who are female and are interesting in painting their hands, henna painting activity is available.

There are many professionals who are providing this service and it is a tradition in most of the Muslim countries as well. So, in case you want your hands to look more charming than ever, henna painting should be an ideal choice for you.

Overnight Desert Safari

Some prominent features available, while you are visiting the desert safari Dubai in overnight, are as follows;

  1. Belly Dance

Belly dance is a tradition of most of the Arabs and they enjoy it a lot. If you are more interested in checking out the cultural values of Dubai, enjoying the show of belly dance must be quite gorgeous for you.

  1. Fire Show and Tanoura Show

Just another beautiful fun activity to enjoy while you are visiting desert safari in overnight is fire show and Tanoura show.

Many professionals are performing in a large field with fire and with other types of dangerous things that you could enjoy without even noticing the time.

  1. BBQ Dinner

After enjoying the night with shows like Belly Dance and Fire Shows, now is the time to feed your tummy.

For this purpose, a large variety of meat is available in BBQ form and you can enjoy any dish you want in a mesmerizing and soothing environment of Desert Safari Dubai at night.

The Final Word

Desert Safari Dubai is a place to enjoy from morning to the night. There are many activities available in desert safari that would be an attraction for many tourists. That would be all covered in your package. Hope you make the trip to Dubai Desert, a most memorable one.

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