Does Qatar Airways serve alcohol?

I get it. I don’t want a dry airline either. So does Qatar Airways serve alcohol? Or is it like Saudi Airways, Egypt Air and Kuwait air? Well my friends, fear not Qatar Airways DOES serve alcohol? And more than that, they serve great alcohol. Even in economy. Check out what they serve later on in the article.

Does Qatar Airways serve alcohol?
Does Qatar Airways serve alcohol?

Does Qatar Airways serve alcohol?

This is a question we frequently receive. It is widely known that drinking in Doha is strictly regulated, but as an international airline, does Qatar Airways follow its country’s lead, or are drinks on Qatar Airways comparable to other international airlines? In this guide, we will address questions such as whether Qatar Airways serves alcohol in economy class or only in business class, the rules regarding alcohol service during Ramadan, and more.

The short answer is yes, Qatar Airways does serve alcohol on its flights. Qatar Airways is not a dry airline, and Hamad International Airport allows alcohol as well. Therefore, you can expect to find alcohol available both on board Qatar Airways flights and at Hamad International Airport.

However, the type of alcohol and the frequency of service depend on the class you are flying in and the time of year you are traveling (more on that later). It is important to note that there are rules governing alcohol consumption on Qatar Airways.

Alcohol on Qatar Airways:

Exceptions One major exception to the availability of alcohol on Qatar Airways is during Ramadan. During this holy month, Doha Airport becomes dry, as does the entire country of Qatar. However, alcohol service still exists on Qatar Airways flights during Ramadan, albeit in a more discreet manner out of respect for fasting passengers.

Rules about Drinking on Qatar Airways It is important never to drink excessively or become intoxicated on any flight, as it is unfair to both the flight crew and fellow passengers. This principle holds even greater significance on Qatar Airways flights. The reason for this is that it is illegal to be intoxicated in Qatar.

If you choose to have a drink on a Qatar Airways flight, ensure that you do not consume alcohol excessively, refrain from behavior-altering consumption, and certainly abstain from consuming alcohol if you plan to drive upon arrival in Qatar. Qatar has a zero-tolerance policy for drink driving, making it a significant violation.

Does Qatar Airways Have Bars Onboard?

If you are traveling on a Qatar Airways flight operated by an A380 aircraft, in addition to the regular drinks service, you are entitled to use the onboard bar. The bar offers a wide range of beverages, including beer, wine, and cocktails. It’s only available to business class and first class flyers.

Does Qatar Airways Serve Alcohol in Economy Class?

Yes, Qatar Airways does serve alcohol in economy class. Alcohol service is complimentary, even in economy class, and is provided during regular meal services. Additionally, an extensive selection of soft drinks is available. The cabin crew regularly offers water, orange juice, and tea and coffee are served after the meal service.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Drinks

Now that you know alcohol is served in economy class on Qatar Airways, let’s discuss the beverage options. As expected on most international flights, Qatar Airways offers wine (both red and white), beer, and spirits in economy class. Spirits that can be requested include gin (usually Beefeater brand), whisky (usually Johnnie Walker), Smirnoff Vodka, as well as cognac and Bailey’s on select flights.

Does Qatar Airways Serve Alcohol in Business Class?

Yes, Qatar Airways serves alcohol in business class. The list of available beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, is extensive. Passengers are usually welcomed with a glass of champagne upon embarkation. However, the traditional lemon mint drink is also a favorite among passengers. Alcoholic beverages are available during the meal service, but since the service is on-demand, passengers can request their preferred drink at any time.

What Drinks Do They Serve on Qatar Airways in Business Class?

Yes, Qatar Airways does serve alcohol in business class, offering an extensive list of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Upon embarkation, you will typically be welcomed with a glass of champagne. However, I must admit that my personal favorite embarkation drink on Qatar Airways is their traditional lemon mint.

Alcoholic beverages are available during the meal service, and since the meal and drinks service is offered on-demand, you can request a drink of your choice at any time.

What drinks are served on Qatar Airways in business class? Qatar Airways provides a wide range of drinks in their business class cabins. Typically, the following alcoholic beverages are available:

  • Wines (red, white, and rosé)
  • Beer
  • Champagne
  • Gin
  • Whisky
  • Port
  • Cognac
  • Bailey’s
  • Vodka

In addition, cocktails are offered during Qatar Airways business class flights, including popular options like Gin and Tonics, Bloody Marys, Screwdrivers, and Mimosas.

FAQs about alcohol on Qatar Airways:

Can you bring alcohol into Qatar?

No, you are not permitted to bring alcohol into Qatar. If you are traveling to Qatar, it is advised not to purchase duty-free alcohol. Bags are checked for alcohol upon entry into Qatar, and bringing alcohol is strictly prohibited.

However, if you are transiting through Doha Airport and your final destination allows the import of alcohol, you are allowed to travel with duty-free alcohol on Qatar Airways.

Can I drink at Doha Airport, and does Qatar Airways serve alcohol in economy class or at the airport?

Yes, you can consume alcohol at Doha Airport.

Is there alcohol in Doha airport lounges?

While there are limited places serving alcohol for economy class passengers, Qatar Airways loyalty customers and business class passengers can enjoy alcohol at the Mourjan and business class lounges.

Can I drink alcohol in Qatar during Ramadan?

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, Hamad International Airport observes a dry period. Don’t get arrested by drinking when you shouldn’t (and if you do, make sure you have travel insurance)

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