Vasco Translator V4 Review

Where was this Vasco Translator when I was traveling to every country in the world?! It’s a GAME CHANGER! The thoughts of all those times I was stranded in rural China, or Uzbekistan, or Paraguay. Trying to order food, buy tickets, whatever. Broken sign language and a lot of confusion. This device LEGITIMATELY would have solved all my issues. Finally, I have it in my hands moving forward. Amazing!

Check out this Vasco Translator V4 Review to see exactly how and why it makes traveling the world, or doing business abroad, oh so much easier. And check out my discount code at the bottom for 19GBP off!

Vasco Translator review
Vasco Translator review

What is the Vasco Translator?

Right, straight to it. The concept of having a device which translates between 2 strangers speaking a foreign language has been around for over a decade. But the technology needed time to catch up, and the idea needed to be believable for the general public. Finally we have reached that point.

In a nutshell, the Vasco Translator is a small device that has built-in INTERNET (more on that below, but it’s crazy!) that translates in real time. It translates into over 100 languages (108 with the phototranslator, 76 with the voice translator – that covers over 90% of the global population!). Then the person speaks back, and it translates back to your language. It’s almost instant, literally. So you can have a full conversation basically.

Furthermore, it has a built in camera, so you can instantly translate menus, products, whatever you need. Just hold the device over the menu, for example, and the video image on the screen displays it in English (or whatever language you need). Wild.

The device itself is a super-slick, touch screen. Kinda like a smaller version of an iPhone. And as I said, it’s always online which is why it works where Google Translate doesn’t. More on that below.

So yeah, it’s legit. Sounds like some futuristic stuff but it actually works. I’ll show you guys on my Instagram with my mrs, my mates etc. Wild.

Vasco Translator review
Vasco Translator review

How are Vasco Electronics, the manufacturer?

Vasco Electronics are a Polish company, established more than 15 years ago, in 2008. Over 200 staff members across 20 countries. They provide their devices to hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals etc. And of course to individuals, to people who travel, or want to do work/business overseas. An industry which is blowing up with foreigners trading in China!

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple! Touch the power button, select the language you speak, select the language the other person speaks, then voila! Touch the button when you speak, then it auto-translates outloud. Then press the button when they speak, and it does the same.

An easier way to see it in action is right here in a 30 second clip:

As I mentioned above, it’s not just for when you’re talking. It can also be used for menus, brochures, EVEN WEBSITES etc using the ‘Photo’ option, then you can translate anything you can see too. You can hold the device in front of your phone, laptop, iPad and translate should you need to. Or newspapers etc.

Vasco Translator V4 review
I just got mine today!

In the example above, you can see I did English to Thai. I pressed the button ‘English’, then spoke freely. It transcribed what I said in English instantly, then instantly translated into written Thai, whilst at the same time it ‘spoke’ the phrase out, aloud, in Thai too. Pretty cool.

Vasco Translator V4 vrs Google Translate

When I first heard of it, my instant thought was ‘doesn’t Google translate do this already’? And I’m sure lots of people react the same way. But Google Translate requires internet! This is MASSIVE. Often when you’re in a new country, in an airplane, in a remote place with no phone signal, that’s when you need translation help the most.

The Vasco Translator has a built-in global sim card. So it works everywhere. It connects to GSM mobile networks in nearly 200 countries without SIM card registration, subscriptions, or extra top-up fees. I have no idea how on earth it does that, but it does.

vasco translator coverage map
vasco translator coverage map

Key Features of the Vasco Translator V4

  • A one off price for the device
  • Free Internet: Use with no limits for translation. No monthly costs for internet usage
  • Travel the world and stop worrying about the costs of the Internet abroad. Everything you need to translate is already in your pocket.
  • Voice Translator: Speak in 76 languages
  • Photo Translator: Understand 108 languages
  • Text Translator: Understand 90 languages
  • Fast Translation: Wait just ~0.5 sec.
  • Big 5-inch screen: See text on device clearly
  • Powerful speakers: Rely on volume up to 99 dB
  • Resilience: Withstand shocks & splashes of water


How much does the Vasco Translator V4 cost?

The newest version, that i have, the V4, is $389USD. They have older models too, which are almost as good, but not as sleak. They cost $289. You can see them here.

My Vasco Discount Code

I’m delighted to offer my readers a Vasco Discount Code – when you buy your Vasco Translator, add the discount code ‘onestep5’ at check out. Super easy to add, and save yourself 19 quid!

Do you need to be online to use it?

Yes. Which was always the problem with Google Translate. But with the VASCO TRANSLATOR you are always online. For free. Due to this built-in global sim. You don’t need to do anything, it instantly works. No registrations, no fees. Nothing.

Is there a monthly fee?


Which languages does it work with?

A lot! This little graphic is a better idea, but it covers over 90% of the world’s population language. So unless you’re thinking about something so random that most people have never heard of it, you’re covered. Thailand, where I live for example, it works perfectly. As it does in every country in Europe, China etc etc. Even countries like Mauritania and Ethiopia. It’s pretty epic.

vasco translator languages
Vasco translator languages

Should I get one? Who is this product for?

I would have LOVED THIS for my travels to every country in the world. And now, I still travel to 20 countries a year, so it’s epic. It’ll be in my luggage permanently from now on. It’s also going to be amazing for my mum communicating with my wife’s Thai family. They got by on smiles and sign language, now they can talk!

It’s also brilliant for people working overseas, both as an employee or doing business. China is a huge market, now you can communicate with the traders yourself.

Digital nomads too. When you’re in your new home, setting up bank accounts, driving licences ets will be a breeze.

My Experience with the Vasco Translator V4 Review

I just got mine! I’m going to Sweden, Iceland, Slovakia, Austria and Czech Republic (and Bahamas, but they speak English!) so I’ll finally get a chance to use it. I’ll fill in this section when I’m on the road in the next couple of weeks. But having tested it in Thai/English with my wife, it works perfectly. And is super user-friendly, so I’m sure it’ll be a positive review. Thanks folks!

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