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When you’re on a long-haul journey, it’s good practice to pace yourself so that you can vary the things you do and avoid becoming bored. It’s also best not to plan to work all of the time – even if your plane has AC and Wi-Fi – as long, tiring work sessions inevitably mean that you are more likely to make mistakes. Luckily, there are plenty of gadgets that are ideal for traveling – some would even say essential. Here are a few of the best to look out for next time you’re taking a long trip.


Laptops and tablets

Most people today travel with a device on which they can store documents, games, and books electronically. If you have uploaded a couple of movies you want to watch or books you want to read, simply slip on your headphones and enjoy doing so in private, without disturbing fellow passengers. In your hotel, you can alternatively use the tiny Chromecast USB-based video streamer, which allows you to stream content through your device over Wi-Fi networks using your phone as the remote control.

Handheld gadgets are generally lighter than laptops, though the 11-inch MacBook Air weighs just a little over two pounds, and if you have a range of devices, and also perhaps a smartphone, you can always include a cordless charger that will charge them all up, such as Powermat. This can be folded up and carried in luggage, so it’s a convenient and useful gadget to bring with you. If you don’t want to bring too many devices, opt for a keyboard for your tablet and leave your laptop at home. The Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 is highly regarded, light, and it operates via Bluetooth. It comes with a stand for ease of use.


Audio devices

Although gaming is generally best on a laptop or tablet, listening to music is also possible via most electronic devices, though some people prefer a dedicated gadget such as an MP3 player because the sound quality is generally excellent. The same goes for headphones, and there are some very good bargains and deals to be had online, with top brands such as Sony available, which you can find on


eReaders and gaming machines

Some travelers prefer to use an eReader, such as a Kindle, rather than a tablet on the basis that the reading experience is more pleasant with better quality of light that’s kinder to your eyes. Generally, eReaders are also lighter, so you could save some weight when packing – unless, of course, you decide you want to bring both. The same is true of handheld gaming machines. Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita are both good brands with decent, versatile thumb control sticks.



As with tablets, apps for phones are being developed all the time, and the range of travel-friendly ones can be really useful, such as translators if you’re going to need help with a foreign language, and maps with listings you might need for finding meeting places, hotels, and restaurants. Frequent travelers often have a number of phones that are compatible with particular parts of the world, or several SIM cards that they can switch according to their destination. If you’re investigating the various models, the Nokia 301 is a world-compatible phone that can take any SIM card and is light, fast, and has four-way navigation.


Quality equipment

If you don’t have a particular brand that you’re attached to, then shop around for the best deal, and be sure to read some product reviews or blog posts on the topic for guidance if looking for a device you’re not familiar with. lists available gadgets together, so when you are researching, you can get an at a glance view, complete with details of brand, availability, and pricing.



Besides essential devices and accessories, including, for example, an international power adaptor, if you are changing countries frequently, there are a number of other items that will make life easier for you when traveling with equipment. Some manufacturers are now producing airline-friendly carry-on bags that have one compartment especially for your devices so that they can be seen clearly by airline and airport staff without having to be removed from the bag. This is a great time-saver if you’re going through a busy security checkpoint.

Another useful device, particularly if you’re traveling with a group and want to share some of your electronic content, is a multi-headphone splitter. This allows you to pass movies or music through a central hub, making it possible for a number of other people to connect to it, depending on which type you choose, and is also a great investment for family travel journeys. Don’t forget to make sure you have a stand for your tablet as well so that you can watch it from the table stowed in front of you when on board.

If you want to make sure your connectivity is guaranteed while away, without having to pay for expensive hotel Wi-Fi, then try a USB modem. Since 4G has made connectivity via networks much quicker, so modems have become more sophisticated and carriers have different versions on offer. In most cases, you will have an initial outlay and then a service contract; however, if you travel a lot, this could be much more cost-effective as you can use it anywhere. Also, it can be helpful to pack a battery booster if you anticipate long days ahead without charging facilities.


Personal care

Finally, when packing your bag for your long-haul trip, don’t forget some of the less glamorous gadgets that aren’t designed to keep you amused but will certainly help you clean up en route or on arrival. You may find you are very thankful for a battery-operated razor and toothbrush as being on a plane or other transport for hours on end can leave you feeling uncomfortable and in need of a thorough clean up. Instead, you’ll arrive refreshed and ready for business or pleasure at your destination.

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