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One of the most scenic places in New Zealand, Auckland is bound to give you some serious vacation goals. With Christmas around the corner and New Year’s Eve coming closer by the minute, it is time to make some plans to ring in the New Year in style. If you want to do something different, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, drive down to Auckland and relax in the balmy, scenic landscapes it has to offer. The company of friends and family is the nicest part about the holiday season and you can make the most of it by travelling together and making some new memories! Here are a few places to see as you drive around Auckland.


Bay of Islands: The Bay of Islands is a cluster of islands filled with gorgeous beaches. Water babies are sure to have the time of their lives here. The air is filled with calls of sea gulls and you can get yourself a neat sun tan as you wade through the clear blue waters. There are a number of beaches to see at the Bay of Islands like the Paihia Beach, the Te Tii Bay, the Long beach and Sullivan. Enjoy the beautiful white sands meeting crystal clear waters and rob some sunshine while you are at it!


Coromandel : One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in New Zealand, the Coromandel is filled with pristine beaches that have been kept protected from all kinds of human trash. Home to thick rainforests, you are sure to enjoy a stroll through these spaces, alive with the calls of exotic birds. To fuel the adventure spirit inside your heart, you can indulge in skydiving, a sea kayak tour, or take a plunge down a set of waterfalls in what is known as the Sleeping God Canyon.


New Plymouth : Plymouth is famous for its beautiful climate, galleries, museums, and lush green parks. Also known as the Oil Town of New Zealand, it houses rigs which extract natural gas and oil. Mount Taranaki towers over the city’s skyline, making it even more scenic to look at. If you are the adventurous sort, you can always explore the hiking trails and reach the summit. Celebrate the coming of another year at the top of the world. For the art lovers, the Puke Ariki is a beautiful museum and is one of New Zealand’s heritage sights. A casual stroll in the many parks here can drive away the blues you have been feeling all year.

Road trips are great fun when you are in the company of good friends and family. A comfortably spacious car is one of the pre-requisites before setting out for one. If you don’t have a car but want the pleasure of a road trip this holiday season, you can always find a car which suits your needs and preferences with Hertz car rental services in Auckland . This will ensure that you travel at your own pace and make the most of your road trip.  Just keep your supplies ready and you are good to set off on a great trip!



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