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A lot of thought goes into planning the perfect vacation. FlightHub , an online North American travel agency, knows this in helping countless people plan their getaways. FlightHub reviews top destinations all the time and does their best to recommend great vacations for potential customers. There are a series of steps one can take to prepare themselves for a vacation as well. FlightHub has provided us with a roadmap for a flawless planning phase of your vacation.


1 – First Things First, Where Do You Want To Go and How Long Do You Want To Go For?

While FlightHub can help you plan a trip, you really should have at least a very good idea where you want to go. Likewise, you should have a plan for how long you want to go. This includes ensuring proper time off from school or work before you head out.


2 – Logistics: Set A Budget and Figure Out How You’ll Save Up

Maybe you want to go to Japan. Guess what. That’s super expensive. You won’t get far or have much fun if you don’t plan a trip within your budget. If you are reaching for that super trip, you will need to make a plan to save accordingly.


3 – Research: Look For Flights Everyday

FlightHub knows this better than anyone, fares vary almost daily. You are doing yourself a disservice if you do not monitor prices all the time. Remember, every dollar you save on your flight is another dollar you can save for activities or accommodations while you are on vacation.


4 – BookYour Flight AND Your Hotel AND Get Travel Insurance

These things should happen at the same time. You don’t want to put off one element of your planning as booking last minute is not a way to generally save money. Lastly, FlightHub always recommends travel insurance as you never know what could happen while you are in a foreign country.


5 – Plan Your Activities

So, you’re all booked. It’s time to figure out what your going to do. FlightHub says you can never research enough. Look for reviews, look for videos, and look for deals. Sites like Groupon are your friend while on vacation as you can get deals on not just dinners, but activities as well.


6 – Prevent Frustration – Inform Your Bank, Automate Your Bills

Do your due diligence before you leave. Tell everyone you are going. Tell your Mom, tell your Dad, tell your boss, tell your bank, and tell your credit card provider. Literally tell everyone except your local break and enter artist. It’s especially key for your financial safety to tell your banks and credit card providers as they could freeze your card if they determine your activity is suspicious. Also, if you do online banking, make sure you automate your bill payments. Don’t want to come home to an episode of Operation Repo.


7 – Go!

This part is easy. Have fun, and enjoy your trip!


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