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Saudi Arabia is probably not high up on your list of places that you would like to reside in, but the reality is that it really should be. There are so many advantages if you wish to reside there and you should read on to find out more about what makes Saudi Arabia the place to live in the future.

It’s connected

One of the greatest things about living in Saudi Arabia is that it is very closely situated to the rest of the world. In a few hours you could be on the Saudi Arabian Airlines to Europe or even many parts of Africa. The location makes it ideal to explore and travel the world.


We mentioned above how living in Saudi Arabia is a great idea since it is a well-connected to the world. You should also know that the money quotient in that zone is one of the greatest. Most Western expatriates who are educated and possess some professional experience are definitely capable of finding a job in Saudi Arabia and are lucky to be treated to generous and largely tax free salary packages. Moreover, these salary packages are often accompanied with generous holidays, housing and many other benefits. The cost of living is reasonable in Saudi Arabia and a higher wage means that a great life is possible there.

The Food

Middle Eastern cuisine is something that should be enjoyed as much as possible since it is renowned for its amazing flavours. The Saudis are known for their high quality coffee and tea, which you can enjoy after your meals.

The Saudi national dish is Kabsa, which is a large platter of meat (usually chicken) and rice. Like any other dish, it is served while everyone is sitting on the floor and according to the customs it tastes best when eaten with hands. It is an experience that you will not soon forget!

A home away from home

Saudi Arabia, like most Gulf states, is known for its extremely high proportion of expatriates living there and it is estimated that the population is made up of just over 20% of foreigners. There is no reason why you can’t blend in too and mingle with your own people, as well as others from a diverse range of cultures.


So if you’re ready to…..

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