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Majestic landscapes, a unique Arctic fauna and icebergs the size of skyscrapers. With 80% of the landscape covered in ice, the great Arctic wonder has made it to National Geographic Traveler’s

Top 20 Best of The World. Kirstine Dinesen – On behalf of


The largest island of the world, also known as the great Arctic wonder, is often forgotten as a unique travel destination. However, each year the ice-covered country impresses thousands of tourists with its white and beautiful landscapes and its majestic icebergs rising from the gleaming surface. With a coast-to-coast ice cap as its claim to fame, Greenland has something that almost no other country in the world can boast of. National Geographic acknowledges the Arctic wonder by ranking the island as a top 20 must-see place of the world.

A Unique Adventure with the Big Arctic Five

Greenland Dog Sledding

Even though it does not seem so from the outside, the white island offers more than just snow and cold temperatures. Greenland holds a variety of Arctic adventures with a unique Greenlandic touch, where everybody from world travelers to winter sport enthusiasts can break away. The island offers a world of Arctic experiences with its five core attractions – also known as the Big Arctic Five. There is something about experiencing Greenland’s majestic landscapes from the perspective of a dog sled while the breathtaking Greenland Ice Sheet go as far as one can see. The enormous inland ice has become a sought-after spot for travelers in search of an unmistakable adventure, and there is no better way of experiencing it, than while feeling the Arctic breeze with dog sledding. Under the surface of the dark ocean even more fascinating experiences awaits. The cold water holds some of the world’s most beautiful animals from mighty killer whales to huge walruses. These are just some of the core attractions when visiting the Arctic wonder, all influencing National Geographic’s ranking of Greenland. Jonathan Irish, Photographer of National Geographic states: “Greenland is beyond amazing. I’ve always dreamed of seeing this mystical place and it exceeded all of my expectations. From the massive icebergs of the Ilulissat Icefjord to the sled dogs and seals, it really delivers an experience that is unique and special. Don’t hesitate….go now!”

A Melting Arctic Wonder

Greenland Whale Watching

And it is truly correct, that no one should hesitate in visiting the ice-covered country. In a world with warmer temperatures and the threat of global warming hanging over our heads, there is something deeply beautiful about an island covered in 80% ice. The amazing Greenland Ice Sheet is one of only two ice sheets in the world, and it has been present for almost 18 million years. Currently, the Greenland Ice Cap reaches a thickness of 3 kilometres and is visible from most towns in Greenland.

However, the warm temperatures heating up the earth is a great danger to the amazing landscape of the Arctic island. Statistics show, that the Greenland Ice Sheet is slowly disappearing, affecting everything from the unique Arctic fauna to the majestic landscape. Life underneath the surface of the arctic wonderland, is all tied together in a global, borderless ecosystem, affected by the huge changes in temperatures on land as well as under the surface of the dark ocean. Visitors of Greenland will face the effects of global warming, hopefully realizing why we must take care of our beautiful globe.

Lonely Planet ranks Greenland as well


The Official National Tourism Board, Visit Greenland, appreciated National Geographic’s Top 20 ranking of Greenland as a must-see place. “It is a great honor to be a part of the travel magazine and to be selected as one of the World’s Best Destinations 2016”, states Anders Stenbakken, CEO of Visit Greenland. The tourism agency values the nomination, as Greenland often is neglected as a unique tourist destination. ”The increased focus on Greenland as a unique travel destination is due to the fact that more and more travel agencies have included Greenland in their travel programs. New products are continuously developed and several air routes have opened, still with more to come. With a combination of improved marketing as well as higher accessibility of the country, Greenland is now a destination where travelers can make their dreams come true”, Anders Stenbakken concludes.

National Geographic’s top 20 ranking of Greenland comes right after Lonely Planet’s ranking of Greenland as a top 10 of the best countries in the world to visit. “Come to see the midnight sun on the glaciers, sail among breaching whales, ride across the tundra on a dogsled, watch the Northern Lights dance across the ice sheet”, Lonely Planet writes after their experts have trekked the globe to select the best countries of 2016 to visit. Greenland is definitely a place to visit, and the two significant nominations hopefully bring the island into focus.

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