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How is it Unsafe to use a free VPN service when Traveling Abroad?

The word ‘Free’ has always served our satisfaction towards many things as a user. From shopping, restaurant deals to internet connections; this term doesn’t leave us alone in any of the scenarios.

As per a recent study, more than 75 percent of people while travelling admitted the usage of free VPN service. The question here is that if it is harmful or safe to use such a service?

Well, jumping into convenience is the easiest way out but let me guide you through this piece of information that the VPNs are nothing but data thieves who enters your mobile privacy and enables you to access several blocked websites via your phone or laptop. 

What is a VPN?

Commonly known as Virtual Private Network, it allows one to create a secure connection from one to another and hence, giving access to region-restricted websites, shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi, and more. While a free VPN is nothing but all the following services been incurred by a user for free.

Ever thought, how do you get all those calls from various travel agents, messages from unknown websites or credit card related calls?

Well, welcome to the world of digital marketing where all your private data is encrypted through free VPNs. You can get more information about the requirement of a VPN while travelling.

How could a free VPN harm you? – The hidden risks

As Fire Stick Tricks points out, free VPNs may look a tempting solution, they are not the safest choice. Here’re some of the risks associated with the use of free VPNs. 

  •         Helps in masking off geographical location: A free VPN makes it easy for a lot of websites and hackers to track your geographical location
  •         Your online activity tracker: Free VPNs often makes it easy to track each and every activity of yours. It involves the streaming of Netflix and Prime channels to the usage of various apps on your phone.
  •         Selling off information the highest bidder: Instead of providing you privacy, the VPNs are doing the exact opposite, by collecting your information and selling it to the highest bidder
  •         Slowing Down of Your Internet: Slowing down of internet is one issue that you’ll often face while using poor quality or free VPNs.
  •   Bombarding you with ads: Advertisers prefer to display specific ads to specific customers. When advertisements pop up, they raise a concern in terms of privacy. And hence, if you are bombarded with lots of ads, it means they are letting the third-party know about your information and activity on the web.
  •     Stealing your money: Unfortunately, a free VPN gives the third party access to your digital banking data. Thus, it becomes easy to track your banking details and hence, leads to cybercrime factors.

Free Virtual Private Network service in itself is one big factor that contributes to cybercrime in high ratio. Losing out on your pocket a bit with paid VPN can help you facilitate with a good number of uses any day. Unlimited bandwidth, secure internet connection, protection of data, and many more.


You might save a few dollars every month, but using a free VPN could cost you much more than the subscription you need to pay to a great VPN service provider. 

Also, there is a growing awareness about the risks of free VPNs; the Google Play and Apple stores are weighted with hundreds of malicious and invasive free VPN apps.

Moreover, many of these have excellent ratings from naive users. Beware of all such fraud because your privacy holds the utmost importance at the end of the day.


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