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How many of you out there have thought about the language barriers when travelling to different places? Do you tend to ignore these and stick to good old hand gestures or do you take your pocket phrase book and try out some of the phrases with the locals? Because nowadays, although travel has become so accessible for many of us, our foreign language skills have still not caught up. Why should we improve them if English is the world language anyway?

Well, firstly it goes without saying that English is not as widely accessible as you may think and many long-time travelers will travel with a pen and paper to write down prices or even draw what they want. It’s safe to say that your creativity skills may improve, but your knowledge of the culture most likely will not and it is this that makes for an enriching travel experience.

Secondly, seeing something with your own eyes will only get you so far. When you interact with the locals however, you can get a completely different impression and a much more interesting view of the place and culture. It is also something that can help with your own confidence too; knowing that you have the ability to communicate in a language other than your own and therefore, not feel as lost or apart from everyone else.

It is something simple yet very effective for those wanting to really get the most out of their travelling experience. It is also something, which is nowadays very accessible to each and every person and can be a fun adventure in itself.

A language agency, Sprachdirekt, would like to bring this aspect back to language learning. The fun, the travelling and of course the learning about a new culture other than your own.

Their language courses are not just classroom based but they also offer many cultural activities so that this can be combined as your holiday. For those of you who have not yet made any summer holiday plans, why not take the leap and say yes to this new adventure and check out their new check out Sprachdirekt’s special offers where you can learn something new or even brush up your old language skills and make your travelling experiences the best adventures yet!



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