How To Plan Your Barcelona Pub Crawl

A pub crawl is undoubtedly the best bar-hopping experience you will ever have, one for your travel bucket lists. You can be part of a fun-loving group of tourists and locals to explore some of the awesome bars and clubs in the city. If you happen to find the right pub crawl team, then you are sure to have an unforgettable night filled with drinks, fun games, and more.

Barcelona, in Spain (one of the most visited countries in the world), has known a long history of winemaking. So, it is not a surprise that the city’s bar scene punches well above its weight. From modern cocktail bars to globally recognized, iconic little vermuterias, the city is one of the hottest tickets for cocktail enthusiasts right now. And let’s not forget the national obsession- the gin and tonic. 

Pub crawl Barcelona is a great idea for spending an exciting night in the city with your friends. The simple concept of pub crawl will be appealing for both the young and old. It is inexpensive and will be packed with a lot of fun and memorable moments. Here are some of the important details you should know if you are going on a Barcelona pub crawl. 

Barcelona pub crawl

Why should a Barcelona pub crawl be part of your itinerary?

When you think of a pub crawl, the first thing that comes to your mind is a random group of tourists drinking, singing, and having a great time in all the major pubs and bars of the city. But, a pub crawl in Barcelona is much more than that. 

The city is known for its magnificent architecture, delicious tapas, and the always fresh Mediterranean atmosphere. The vibrant and multicultural neighborhoods of Barcelona take an even better view during the night. There is no better way to experience the hipster hang-outs, underground bars, and the fantastic party atmosphere of Barcelona than through a pub crawl.

Best neighborhoods for a pub crawl in Barcelona

A great thing about Barcelona’s nightlife is that there is no particular center where all the nightclubs and bars are located. Rather, there are multiple, popular nightclubs and bars spread over different areas in the city. Here are some of such neighborhoods for you to consider if you are thinking about going on a pub crawl in Barcelona.


Even though Garcia is located a short commute away from the center of the city, you will somehow feel like you are in an entirely different city. The neighborhood has a young, artsy, and bohemian vibe that sets it apart from the other parts of the city. Other than the vibrant nightclubs, there are also plenty of famous galleries, boutiques, and music centers in this neighborhood.

La Rambla

If you are looking for some stunning terrace locations to grab a midnight drink, then this 120-meter boulevard is the perfect neighborhood to explore. There is always something for everyone in La Rambla.  Bask in the ambiance of the neighborhood and enjoy the quiet and cozy, or loud and crowded bars. The choice is yours! 

El Born

El Born is the perfect blend of both the old and new eras of Barcelona. The vibe and energy of this neighborhood make it truly different from any other neighborhood. There are plenty of popular establishments, funky fusion restaurants, and many awesome nightclubs waiting for you here.

El Raval

Your Barcelona pub crawl will not be complete without experiencing the bars and pubs in El Raval. Buzzing with sounds, lights, and people, this is one neighborhood that never sleeps. Taking a pub crawl in El Raval is like exploring the nightlife of Barcelona in all its glory.

Barcelona pub crawl

Dry Martini

Dry Martini is the most popular bar in Barcelona for more two main reasons- one the unbeatable house concoction of the Dry Martini, and the other is  Javier de las Muelas, the famous bartender.  Each cocktail you order from Dry Martini is made with extreme passion, love, and style. 


Solange may look like any other ordinary bar. However, the entire vibe and ambiance of the place are set to make you feel that you are in the middle of a vintage fantasy novel. Decorated with mirrors, brass, marble, and gilt, the bar is home to a fine collection of cocktails that includes everything from old classics to personalized cocktail mixes. 

Can Sole

Located at an extremely upscale location, Can Sole is one of the most popular Paella restaurants in Barcelona. Its dining area upstairs provides the right place for you to enjoy a quiet meal in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.  And if you are downstairs, you will have a live view of how the wonderful dishes are made.

Bar Marsella

The wooden floors, stained mirrors, dusty bottles, and unlimited absinthe makes Bar Marsella a unique bar in Barcelona. The bar used to be a regular hang-out space for legends like Picasso, Hemmingway, Dali, and Gaudi. It still maintains that classic, vintage style. So, when you enter the bar, you will feel like you have walked into a whole different era.

Otto Zutz Club

Otto Zutz Club used to be a textile factory. When it was renovated into a nightclub, they kept the iron and steel interiors as a constant reminder of the history of the club. This gives the club its own distinct charm. The three different floors of the Otto Zutz Club have different purposes. The main floor plays Hip Hop music, the second has soulful R&B and the third play funk. 

Barcelona pub crawl
Otto Zutz Club

Things to remember for your Barcelona pub crawl

Keep up the pace

Pub crawls may sound really exciting. However, keeping up with other members of your group is not that easy. To survive a pub crawl,  the best hack is to stick to one drink per pub or bar. This will help you from getting drunk too fast.

Follow the rules

All pubs and bars have their own set of rules. Some hubs have special dress codes as well. Do your research and make plans accordingly to these regulations before starting your pub crawl.

Don’t forget to eat something

Normally, it takes more than 8 hours to finish a good pub crawl. Since you are moving from one place to another, you can easily be exhausted. So, make sure you and your gang are having something to eat in between all the drinking.

Admit you are drunk

If you feel like you are drunk, admit it. It is okay if you’re too drunk to complete the whole crawl. Always have an exit strategy. You can stay at one bar or go home early. Also make sure that others in the group are also keeping up, safe, and not too drunk to move forward.

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