When you think of European cities to visit, Budapest might not be the first one to pop up in your mind. After all, the Hungarian capital is not as popular as Paris, Barcelona, or Prague. 

However, if you are considering exploring Europe a little further, then Budapest is a fantastic choice to include in your itinerary. Let us tell you a few reasons why Budapest is one of the most enjoyable cities in Europe. 

Is Budapest Worth Visiting?
Is Budapest Worth Visiting?


It is fascinating to think of backpacking across Europe, especially when you are in your youth. If you are getting some academic paper help by WritePaper, you can plan a trip to some of the most amazing cities in the world during your summer break. That said, the biggest constraint for many students and the others is the budget. 

And if that’s what is stopping you from taking the plunge, then Budapest is worth considering. Although the capital of Hungary, Budapest is relatively cheaper when compared to the likes of Paris or Berlin. The country’s national currency is Hungarian Forint. At the time of writing, 1 EUR equals about 375 HUF, and 1 USD is 340 HUF. 

In other words, you will be able to spend three to four days in this city without putting a hole in your wallet. The accommodation is also less expensive, and you will be able to find a place to stay for literally any budget. 

The Stunning Architecture 

Once you arrive in Budapest, the first thing you will notice is the stunning architecture. The capital city has a long history that can be witnessed through its buildings. Whether it is the beautiful Baroque churches with their imposing domes or ostentatious interiors or the Gothic cathedrals with the rose windows, you will find yourself awed by the architectural beauty. 

Some other notable structures include the Budapest Opera House or the St. Stephen’s Basilica, which features the Renaissance and Neo-Renaissance styles. You will also find buildings depicting Classicism, Romanticism, or even the reminders of the Communist-era architectural styles. 

Hungarian Food 

Are you interested in immersing yourself in the local culture through the food? Then Budapest presents you with a feast of options. In fact, exploring the food scene alone is a reason that makes an international trip worth it. You will find a long array of bistros, taverns, fast food places, and global eaters. 

Some of the busy places to go in search of food include:

  • Liszt Ferenc Square
  • St Stephen’s Basilica
  • Gozsdu Court in the Jewish District

You will also find a few Michelin star restaurants, in case you want to explore the fine-dining scene. Here are some items that you can try – Chicken Paprikash, Halászlé, Gulyás, Lángos, and Szilvásgombóc. 

Thermal Baths 

If you didn’t know this already, Budapest is also nicknamed the “City of Baths.” As you can imagine, this is because the city sits on over 100 hot springs. And not so surprisingly, these thermal waters have been used for bathing for centuries. 

For instance, one of the oldest baths you will find is the Thermae Maiores, although right now, only the ruins remain. It was built by the Romans. The Ottomans were also known for enjoying baths, and fortunately, some of the baths from their time are still functional. 

The thermal baths of Budapest are one of its best attractions, and people flock from all over the world to enjoy the hot springs. The Szechenyi Bath is perhaps one name that you will want to note down, for this is famous for being the largest one with 18 pools in total. 

The Nightlife

If you are a youngster or a student, then you will be pleased to know that Budapest is a party hub. The nightlife is bustling here, and many people, in fact, prefer this city for stag parties. Budapest is also known for its SPArties, which happen on thermal bath destinations. 

The Szechenyi Bath, in particular, is a popular spot for such parties. Here, you can catch a light show and revel in the thermal bath. Apart from these, there are plenty of nightclubs where you can head out for an all-nighter. 

Local Festivals 

Many assume that summer is the best time to visit Europe. After all, the beaches of the South of France or the spectacular landscapes of Italy are best experienced during the relatively hot months. 

However, you can also plan your trip to Budapest to align with some of the most famous festivals in Europe. These are spread across the year, and you will always find something cool to do in the city. Here is a list that will give you some travel inspiration:

  • Sziget Festival – One of the largest music festivals in Europe that takes place on an island on the Danube around August. 
  • Budapest Wine Festival – This event attracts thousands of visitors every year that happens at Buda Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
  • Danube Festival – The famous Donauinselfest is an open-air festival that takes place in the summer that features contemporary concerts and dance shows at different venues around the city. 

On top of this, you will also find Budapest to be one of the most charming cities to visit at Christmas. At this time, you will find several holiday events and Christmas markets to engage in. 

The Danube River 

Not many know that Budapest used to be two cities originally – Buda and Pest. And what separated these two towns was the Danube River. When you visit Budapest, it is hard to miss the beauty of this rover. 

If you are looking to get a bird’s view of the entire city with the river flowing through, there are a number of spots to hike in Budapest. You can even head to Buda Castle Hill for this. You could stroll; along the riversides or walk on the only remaining chain bridge in Budapest, which was built in 1849. 

The Castle Hill 

We already covered that Budapest is home to some of the striking architectural marvels. And one such site is Castle Hill. To arrive at this destination, you can walk up the hill, climb the stairs, or for those who prefer an easier method; there is a funicular that will take you up to the castle level. 

Castle Hill is where you will find the buildings such as the Baroque Royal Palace, along with its old town charm. You can walk through the medieval streets, little shops and take a break at the cafes. There are a number of sites in and around this region, including the neo-Gothic Matthias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion. 

But a unique place you have to visit is the Hospital in the Rock, which was built into the stone to cater to soldiers using the Second World War as well as the Cold War. The hospital was run by the Red Cross, and when you take the tour, you will be able to see the tunnels that the soldiers passed through. 

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons that make visiting Budapest absolutely worth it. Whether you are looking for cultural immersion or a simple getaway, the city is a must-visit place in Europe. Moreover, you can also set out from Budapest to the other attractive destinations of Hungary, such as Szentendre, Debrecen, or Sopron. 

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