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Join My 2019 Upcoming Trips: Syria, Jordan, Ethiopia, Bali, Japan, Nepal!

2019 is here, and we’re not gonna let another year just pass us by, right? No more “one day, I’ll do that“, this year is the year to tick off some bucket list items! And I’ve got 5 amazing trips coming up that you can join, starting from May.  Basically, trips with me come in 2 different shapes and sizes – (1) OneStep4Ward tours, and (2) GiveBack GiveAway trips. As you may know, I’ve been to every country in the world, and with that, I made a lot of mistakes and even more contacts. So that means I can that obscure knowledge and help show you guys some crazy places around the world that most people wouldn’t even consider – they’re my OneStep4Ward trips. You can see my most recent trip where we took 16 people to Baghdad in Iraq, pretty epic!
So, I Took 16 People to Travel to Iraq
Secondly, if you follow my Instagram, or our GiveBackGiveAway Instagram, you’ll see we do some pretty epic trips in the developing world, where each trip is roughly 2 weeks. We crowdfund $10k per trip (you can donate to the cause here and by donating you enter the raffle for a FREE TRIP!) and build sustainable projects in each community, that runs from dormitories and playgrounds to education centres and water wells – you can see our recent trip to Tanzania in the awesome video below: So what does 2018 hold? It holds 6 trips (2 of which are sold out), in the chronological order then here we go.


FEBRUARY: Nepal GiveBack GiveAway Trip (ALMOST SOLD OUT – 1 SPOT LEFT)

In February we are off to Nepal (MORE INFO HERE). From February 24th to March 10th we’ll be in Kathmandu, Pokhara and trekking through the Himalayas to Annapurna Base Camp. This is often referred to as ‘the most beautiful trek in the world’ and I cannot wait to get there! Our charity project here is redeveloping an early education centre, refurbishing a kitchen to feed the kids and finally installing some fully working toilets for the school, once that’s done and dusted, we’re off for our trek.

MAY: Bali GiveBack GiveAway Trip (4 SPOTS LEFT)

Bali. That should be enough to make you come alone. I love this island. Sure tourism has hit it hard, but we’re off north to help a rural community near Mount Batur, here we’ll be building the community a new library, allowing the kids the chance to explore and enjoy their learning process. After that, it’s hiking up volcanoes, running around rice paddies, chasing waterfalls and parties at sunset. READ MORE ABOUT THAT TRIP HERE.

JULY: Climb Mount Fuji, Japan OneStep4Ward Trip (ALMOST SOLD OUT – 2 SPOTS LEFT)

My first OneStep4Ward trip of the year, and it’s a biggie. My mum had a tough life, but together we both turned our lives around and now my mum is living the pensioner dream.  6 years ago she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Rather than let that define her, she faced it full-on and last year she backpacked to her 50th country. She turns 70 in April, so to raise $10,000USD for Cure Parkinson’s, we are going to climb Japan’s highest mountain – Mount Fuji. And you can come with us! I actually announced this 4 months ago, and we sold out all 16 tickets in 48 hours, but yesterday one of our older climbers had an injury scare so the couple had to cancel, meaning we have 2 spots left again. You can donate to the fund-raising here and you can READ MORE ABOUT THE FULL TRIP HERE.

OCTOBER: Jordan GiveBack GiveAway Trip (just announced!)

Our first ever charity project in the Middle East, and it’s a winner. Jordan is one of the Top 10 countries to visit, with Petra, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea, but it also faces huge difficulties with a massive influx of Syrian refugees and a struggling Christian community. We’ll be developing 2 English learning centres for a community an hour outside the Capital city of Amman,  then we’re off to explore Jordan’s hot spots.

OCTOBER: Syria & Lebanon OneStep4Ward Trip (Waiting list just opened)

Straight after the Jordan trip, I’m running a pretty adventurous OneStep4Ward 5 day trip to Syria and Lebanon. The trip itself will start and finish in Beirut, and involve travelling overland from Beirut to Damascus, 3 nights in Damascus, then making our way back to Lebanon, see a few of the main sites en route to Beirut, then finish up in Beirut. Tourism in Syria has been almost non-existent due to the war, but Damascus has finally recovered and is now ‘safe’ for tourism, so let’s help the tourism infrastructure and show the world that Syria is finally welcoming people again. This trip will be limited to 16, and on a first come-first served basis, it’s open to all nationalities and all countries are almost guaranteed visas except for US citizens. However, any Americans who want to join are welcome of course, and will get a full refund (minus the cost of Letter of Invitation) should their visa application be denied. That all being said, let’s go on an adventure! Email me on to be added to the list, I’ll confirm the dates next week (probably going to be October 19-24).

NOVEMBER: Ethiopia GiveBack GiveAway Trip (just announced!)

Our final GiveBack GiveAway trip of 2019, and our best trip yet. MORE INFO HERE. Ethiopia is waiting to blow up on the tourism scene, amazing food, breathtaking sights, friendly locals and true, genuine travel. First up though, our charity project. 2 hours from Addis Ababa is our partner community, right now they’re walking over an hour each day for clean water. Not anymore. We’ve pledged to install a water well of the community, allowing them running water right in the middle of their land. This will give clean, safe water and open up new farming possibilities. Soon we’re off to explore the churches of Lalibela, the northern Sieman mountains, the Blue Nile Falls and for people with a few extra day holidays, a mad adventure to ‘the hottest place on earth’, the Danakil Depression. I cannot wait for this trip!


If you’ve dreamt of crazy adventures, or giving back, of meeting new, awesome friends, of making 2019 YOUR year. Well, these are 6 opportunities to grasp with both hands. All trips are on first-come, first-served basis so move quickly, please! Life is short, we all know that, so let’s create memories that we can look back on forever. Sure there are other mainstream companies, offering generic trips to the same destinations, but if you want to do something unique, we’re waiting for you. 2019 promises a lot, I’m sure it’s going to deliver. See you on the road!

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14 thoughts on “Join My 2019 Upcoming Trips: Nepal, Syria, Jordan, Ethiopia, Bali, Japan!

  1. I subscribed to your Instagram account, thanks for your life experience, you are a brave and very strong-willed person.

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  4. I absolutely love the Give Back Give Away idea – I am heading to Bali in September. Whilst I may not be part of this, I would love to know how I can help others whilst there.

  5. Thanks for sharing 2019 trip list. Nepal and Japan is next tours in my bucket list.
    We also provide a family tour packages in Jordan.You can see our packages in Jordan and book online in our website.

  6. wow, Can’t wait to see you in your 2019 travels. So far, Bali and Japan are my favorite places to visit. I hope you’ll enjoy. Good Luck!

  7. this year bali is always in my top wish-list and very soon it will comes true. Once my job has settled for holidays.

    Thanks for your 2019 trip schedule, hope your trip is always good and memorable.

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