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Life is meant to be lived, it’s meant to be enjoyed and appreciated. It’s not supposed to be taken for granted, and it should never be wasted. It’s a gift, one that we should cherish every day. The best thing about life is that we control our own, and we should never forget that. We control it. So when things are sh*t, the responsibility lies with us, our mistakes, our shortcomings but that’s OK, everyday we have a new opportunity to change it. And when things are awesome, thanks to our own efforts, there’s no shame in silently (or not so silently!) basking in your achievements.

Life,   if lived well,   is long enough

It’s easy to sit back and think about our dream job, our dream lifestyle, our dream girl/guy, then shake our heads and focus back on reality. That’s what 99% of the population do. It’s socially acceptable to drool over those fantasies but ‘understand’ that it will never happen. People tell us to be more realistic, this is the ‘real world’, focus on what you know. FORGET THAT…

“Our reality is what we make it.”

The dreams are there for us, they’re closer than we think BUT they’re not going to fall in our laps – we have to be proactive, decisive and go out and grab them.  Forget about conformity, social pressure and expectations – live your life the way you want to. Ignore the haters, people may try to bring you down, they can scoff at the risks you are taking, point out the pitfalls you’re facing. What bigger risk is there than wasting your life on a path you don’t really want to be on – that’s the biggest pitfall of all.


We need to face our failures right now and understand what we need to do to change our path. Get back on the road you want to be on, no matter how risky it is.  Banal conformity will give you moderate success, who wants moderate success? If I want 5/10 I’ll work for the bloody government, sort out a good pension scheme and make sure I’m in bed nice and early on Sunday night. But who want’s 5/10?! I want my 10/10,   and if I don’t get it, I want to know I strived for that 10/10.  I want to see the whole world, I want true friends in every continent, I want to live life at 100mph, I want to skydive, bungee jump, cage fight. I want to fall in love, I want to know pain to know real pleasure. I want the freedom to live my life the way I dream of. So I’m going to take it all.  And I’m not going to feel guilty for it. Be inspired and then be inspirational.


START LIVING LIFE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOURSELF. Stop the envy, don’t be jealous, don’t be a chapter in someone else’s life, make them be a chapter in yours. This is your life, it’s big and it’s full of opportunities and I’m going to try to make the most of them all. I hope you do too. Happy Travels.

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10 thoughts on “Live your life, take it all and don’t feel guilty for it

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  2. Loving it! Thats exactly how it is! I’ll definitely have to go travelling again.. Cause in my opinion thats one of the most active ways to live your life.. see new places, meet new people experience new stuff..
    thinking about going to South Afrika end of this year.. the plan is becoming more and more solid 🙂

  3. Always loving what you write! 🙂 See you soon in Bangkok! 🙂 I got my flights booked for December! And btw, I have some Filipino and Kiwi friends with me! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Thank you for this! I’ve been feeling guilty for not going back to corporate life after i went back here in the Philippines from my three months stay in the UK. Right now, i am trying my very best to monetize my blogs and take freelance gigs just to support me financially and prove to my grandparents that i can do it. I can’t blame them for pushing me to get a job and climb the corporate ladder, but the 9-5 set-up is not really for me – not unless if there is a very tempting offer.

    The other day, i wrote a blog entry about the life of Dan Osman on my personal blog ( and although he lived for a short time, i still admire him because he chose to Live his own life. Thanks for this 🙂

    1. hey – thanks for the comment 🙂 yeah i know what u mean, that corporate ground is a nightmare – not for me that’s for sure. Monetizing your blog isn’t as difficult as it sounds – just stick with it and soon you won’t have to work! I’m living proof of that 🙂

    1. cheers mate, really appreciate it. Think i might start writing a few more motivational pieces to try to entice people out and about!

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