Luxury travel has long been associated with exclusivity and high costs. From five-star hotels to first-class cabins, most people think that these experiences are only reserved for the wealthy few. But what if we told you that luxury travel is not as unattainable as you might think? With some strategic planning and smart decision-making, you can enjoy traveling in luxury too. In this article, Prince of Travel shares five tips and strategies that make luxury travel accessible to everyone.

1. Choose wisely

Having the right credit card can make a huge difference when it comes to accumulating points and earning rewards that can be used towards luxury travel. Look for a credit card that offers extra rewards or points for travel-related expenses such as flights, hotels, and rental cars. You may also want to consider a credit card that offers sign-up bonuses, which can help you earn a significant amount of rewards quickly.

Some credit cards are affiliated or co-branded with specific airlines, hotels, or travel brands, which can give you access to exclusive perks such as lounge access, upgrades, and early check-ins. For instance, if you often fly on Air Canada, you will want to apply for an Aeroplan credit card to ensure that you are maximizing your points and getting the best possible perks.

2. From bills to booking

To accumulate points more quickly, it is essential to use your credit card for everyday purchases. This can include groceries, gas, dining out, and utility payments. You could even use your credit card to pay off rental or mortgage payments if your provider allows it. Depending on how you spend your money, you could earn thousands of extra points each year just by using your credit card instead of paying with cash or debit.

However, be sure to stay within your budget and avoid overspending. You should also have a solid plan to pay off your balance each month so that you do not accumulate interest charges and negate the benefits of using your credit card. Prince of Travel can help you choose the right credit card for your income and spending habits.

3. Credit card, meet air miles

Many credit cards—especially co-branded ones—allow you to link to your air miles account so that you earn miles or points at the same time. This can help you earn rewards and get closer to your travel goals much faster. But, even if your credit card is not co-branded with an airline, you may be able to transfer your credit card points to various airline loyalty programs, sometimes earning bonus miles in the process!

Your credit card may also have special promotions and bonus offers that allow you to earn extra rewards for specific purchases or activities. For example, you may be able to earn bonus miles for booking a certain number of flights or for staying at a specific hotel chain. Be sure to pay attention to newsletter updates from your card provider and take advantage of them.

4. Loyalty pays off

While you may be tempted to register for a whole bunch of travel rewards programs, it is important to focus your efforts on a specific airline or alliance that aligns with your travel goals. Staying loyal can help you earn rewards more quickly and get more value out of your rewards. By consistently flying with the same airline or alliance, you can accumulate more miles and earn elite status benefits such as lounge access and priority boarding. Additionally, loyalty program members are often offered exclusive deals and promotions, providing even more opportunities to save money on travel expenses.

5. Two can play the game

Finally, a clever strategy from Prince of Travel for making luxury travel more affordable is to work with your partner or travel companion to accrue points and rewards together. Many credit card companies and airlines offer attractive bonuses for adding an authorized user to your account or for referring a friend to their program. By combining your powers and pooling your points and rewards, you can earn rewards twice as fast. Furthermore, some rewards programs offer special promotions or deals for couples or families traveling together, so be sure to keep an eye out for those!

About Prince of Travel

Prince of Travel is a website dedicated to helping travelers maximize their rewards and travel experiences. It was founded by Ricky Zhang, a travel rewards expert who has visited a myriad of countries and redeemed countless points and miles for first-class flights and luxury hotel stays. Zhang’s goal is to help others experience the joy of travel by sharing his knowledge and expertise on all things related to travel rewards.

Prince of Travel also boasts a membership program called Miles & Points, where members gain access to exclusive resources, private events, and personalized advice on maximizing their travel rewards. Members join a supportive community of like-minded travelers who share clever insights and valuable tips on traveling. As you learn more from the membership program, you may become a master of travel rewards yourself!

Luxury travel is no longer reserved for just the rich and famous. Whether you are new to travel rewards or a seasoned globetrotter, Prince of Travel can help make luxury travel a reality for you. To find out more, visit

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