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You’ve always wanted to see the world. You constantly see pictures of the most amazing sights, and you dream of being the one who took them. Your mind floats to the Serengeti, Peru, the Northern Lights. You want your friends to be jealous of you for a change when you upload some beautiful sunset onto facebook but…

Spend the afternoon. You can't take it with you

You can’t go traveling, you just graduated. You can’t go traveling, you don’t have enough money. You can’t go traveling, you’ve got finance repayments on on your condo/car/TV. You can’t – you’ve just graduated, you’d be wasting your degree, how will you explain it on your resume? You’ll be jeopardising your future if you just jet-off now. HOLD ON A SECOND. I’ve heard this (or similar sentiments) too many times of over the last few years, while I’ve been gallivanting around the world living my life at 100mph and loving every second. Jeapordising your future?! Tell me you’re joking?

Our future isn’t guaranteed, it’s promised to no-one. Don’t be worried about some consequence that may never come to fruition, that’s madness. Worry about now.

Worry about jeapordising the present.


We have the chance to be doing awesome things, but for some ill-thought out fear of a future which may never come, we do nothing about going out and doing them. No generation has had the global opportunities we have, so what are we going to do with them? Sit back and worry about reasons why we can’t take them? Or are we going to finally shake ourshelves into action, and do something. Be decisive, step forward, seize the initiative – it’s not as hard as you think, and the rewards are endless.


Forget the obstacles, we can maneuver around them, we always can. What we can’t do, however, is regain our youth. This is our time so let’s make the most of it. Do what you dream of doing, forget about your resume for a moment. Just for a while, think about now. Think about your youth. Think about the opportunities you’re so lucky to have. Think about new friends, sky diving, passport stamps, drunken laughs, sunburnt smiles, love on foreign soil and sand, memories of a lifetime and experiences to cherish forever. Forget about the pension, this is our time – right now, use it and use it well.  Let’s never have to regret wasting it. Not for a few barriers that we created for ourselves. We can do it, all of us, so let’s embrace life and never look back. Don’t jeapordise the present, live it and love it. Happy travels



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7 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: “But I’ll be jeopardising my future if I do that”

  1. Pingback: 励志星期一。”但如果我这样做,就会危及我的未来”| 一步之遥-数字游民指南
  2. Hurrah! After all I got a webpage from where I be capable of genuinely get useful facts regarding my
    study and knowledge.

  3. Yes! I taught 2nd grade abroad for two years in Vilnius (LOVED your blog about Lithuania!), and toyed with the idea of staying abroad another two years. Although it’s no where near your 105 countries, I visited 20 in my two years in Europe- including the Balkans and the Trans-Siberian! So… I talked myself out of staying abroad another two years because of my “future”…and I’m back in the US teaching 4th grade in basically the same life (work, commute, pay bills) as before I left. I had this life-changing experience…yet I’m back in the monotony of my previous everyday life. End of this school year and it’s back to International schools for me!!

    1. sometimes we gotta make the wrong decision to work out the right ones, thats cool laura. Good luck on ur next move 🙂

  4. LOVE this Johnny! Great addition and a perfect day to pick it for (the dreaded Monday).

    This got me nodding like a crazy person: “No generation has had the global opportunities we have”

  5. My philosophy is if you want it go get it! Unfortunately there are always those that always see the negative, but when they try they are often suprised with the results. So just do it! I know where you are coming from Johnny.

    Love the blog, regards,


    1. hey si – yeah mate, spot on. If we all did that, people would live much more exciting lives, forget the negativity, we need to do what we dream 🙂

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