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If it’s true that “all’s well that ends well” then the following little white lie can be more than excused!

Ok, the title sums it up but this story leads to a stint of medical research and marriage! So… I had just finished working on a disadvantaged kids summer camp in New York State and after 3 or 4 days partying in NYC to celebrate (and losing my wallet and passport in drunken stupor) I headed to Vegas to meet two of my best friends.

Our accommodation in Vegas
Our accommodation in Vegas!

Accommodation was sorted – we had bagged the honeymoon suite in the Venetian hotel because of some ridiculous online promotion and rather than look like some strange, intertwining gay love triangle we decided instead to pretend we were a British boyband (I’m Irish, my friends are English and Welsh). Foolproof… or so we thought.

outside the venetian
Inside the Venetian hotel!

After failing to get upgraded to the executive suite by the Venetian (don’t think they were fooled by my quick rendition of ‘flying without wings’ by Westlife) we dropped our bags in our lush room and explored the city of sin.

After a few complimentary drinks on the poker floor in the Venetian and taking a bit of a hit on both the roulette table and the poker tables we were socially lubricated enough to expand the lie… Queue an impromptu photo taking and autographing signing session downstairs in the Venetian. Not content with that we went to bigger and better things…

Poker room in Vegas
The scene of the free drinks, the photo shoot and the money loss!

Trist nightclub, complete with full indoor waterfall, had a queue a mile long and a heavy cover charge. But being the international sensation that we were (pretending to be), we weren’t gonna queue! I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this method for VIP treatment, but in all honesty, if I went on holiday to Las Vegas again, I’d probably do exactly the same thing!

tryst nightclub
The waterfall in Tryst

So, calling on one of our believers (who was very impressed with the web of lies) from earlier on in the day got us straight passed the queue, VIP style and marched right into the centre of the club where they began asking us which table we would like. Ermmmm…$600 for a bottle of vodka!? DISPERSE! DISPERSE! DISPERSE! After a lame excuse or two we fobbed the guy off and met up again at the bar ($30 cocktails, nice!)

After shirking the staff, drinking our overpriced drinks we recommenced our extragavant lie. Before too long a group of American girls were loving our stardom and my best friend got chatting to a beautiful Texan girl. The night rolled in a hazy success but when we left the Texan girl and my friend unlocked lips, exchanged numbers and went their separate ways.

the happy couple
Dan and Tasia on their wedding day!

To cut a long story short, my friend kept up the lie about our fame on the phone over the next few days. She soon rumbled him after an extensive google search and discovered that he (we) look NOTHING like who we said we were – disaster?! Apparently not, they are now happily married with a kid and a house, living the American dream in Texas – As I said, all’s well that ends well..

Baby Noah
The most gorgeous kid in the world

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11 thoughts on “Pretending to be a boyband in Vegas

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  3. Your friend Dan walked outta there in love and later married haha while lying his ass off the whole time 🙂

  4. Hey man this is awesome! Haha we did this with our friend, Malia, who with glasses on looked like Kelly Clarkson. People were following her down the strip, pretty good times! Enjoy your blog a lot! Keep it up!

  5. hahaha Fantastic story mate, try telling your mate “honesty is always the best policy 😛 ”

    That’s a classic that is!

    1. i know mate, you couldn’t make it up if you tried! Just goes to show, you never know how things will pan out!

  6. Well, when I was in Las Vegas I didn’t have that much success…true, we stayed at a budget place, but did walk down the strip, played at The Mirage (and won 8$), watched the pirate show (and fine mermaids) at Treasure Island…all in all not a bad trip, especially since I flew to San Francisco (by far my favorite city in the whole world, YET)!

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