Exploring Georgetown, Guyana’s capital city

After 8 days in this beautiful country, we were finally going to check out the city of Georgetown. It is the capital city of Guyana and with a population of 200,000 it is the countries most populated city. Guyana was settled by the Dutch an...

Becoming a Cowboy on a Guyanese Ranch

Did you know that ranching is a big part of daily life in some parts of Guyana? We certainly didn’t but it turns out that there are huge plots of land around Guyana where you will find ranches. After two nights out in the bush, we headed al...

The Wild and Wonderful Savannah of Guyana

Going into this trip I really had no idea what to expect. The South American country of Guyana is not very well known in Ireland and most people thought I was talking about the African nation of Ghana when I mentioned it! To make matters mo...

Nine Days in the Untouched Wilderness of Guyana

When presented with the chance of visiting the country of Guyana, I simply couldn’t say no. This would be my first time visiting the continent of South America and I’ve always been very eager to check it out. I accepted the invitation and t...

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