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The sheer range of designer wedding dresses and styles of gown that are available means brides-to-be can spend a lot of time trying to find ‘The One’.

It also means many decide to travel to big cities in order to visit exclusive bridal boutiques as well as high street outlets and smaller wedding dress shops.

However, if the bride and her party are travelling to try on dresses they need to be organised and have made appointments where necessary.

That’s the first tip and it’s also important that the bride tries on a variety of wedding dress styles since they may be surprised that the dress they had their heart set on really is not the one for them.

It may also mean that their hope to have a big wedding dress may be replaced with an elegant slimline creation that flatters their body.

Another important consideration when travelling to try on wedding dresses is that the bride should have a small party which consists of two of three people and it could be just the bride and her mother or possibly a very good friend.

Brides should not be tempted into taking a large entourage since it means dealing with a wide range of opinions which will simply confuse the bride-to-be and, this is also crucial, they should be wary of inviting negative people along since their opinions may be more hurtful than necessary.

It’s also important that the bride gets to move around in their wedding dress so they should really take along the shoes they are planning to wear as well as underwear. The bride should also sit down in the dress to make sure it’s comfortable and appreciate they will be spending many hours in it.

While some brides may like the meringue-style of dress with lots of thrills and lace, these gowns may be heavy and on a hot day will be tiring to wear as well.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to take photographs of the dress but the bride-to-be should be aware that some bridal boutiques have a strict policy that photographs cannot be taken and get permission before doing so.

Travelling to bridal boutiques can be a fun and exciting thing to do and help prepare the bride for her big day but when making appointments it should be appreciated that the bridal party will probably spend longer in a boutique that they plan for so meal and coffee breaks should be built into any schedule in case one appointment over-runs.

It’s also important to go for a wedding dress designer who will offer in-house alterations since some do not which means the dress has to be sent away and then returned which brings other worries that the dress may go missing or the alterations do not go as planned.


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