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So are you a travel lover who can go to any lengths to pursue your passion for exploring the world? Are you someone who plans on travelling solo rather than in a group? Well, the number of people travelling solo across the world has shot up recently and still continues to rise. Travelling alone is not only a journey into an unknown terrain but is rather a journey which one takes into himself.  Besides being free from strict deadlines set by others, travelling solo lets you discover yourself, know your limits and enables you to pursue your traveling fantasies.  The following are the top 8 tips and suggestions that you can follow to have a smooth solo trip:

Do your research

No matter how much you believe in spontaneous travel, it is important to do your homework and your research before you set off for your solo trip. The internet is a great way to get to know the place you are planning on visiting and to check all information like the temperature, methods of travelling, places to visit and others.

Pack smartly

Another tip for travelling solo is to pack smartly and pack less. Since you will have no one else to give you a hand to pick up the heavy luggage, it is better to keep it light. Make sure you only pack the essentials and split your cash and keep it in different bags. One place where you can find vouchers for travel shopping is

Consider your safety

Group travel is definitely more safe than solo travelling and thus you will have to be careful and responsible for your own safety.  Keep your valuables locked your passport close and avoid carrying any jewelry or other valuables that can be avoided.  Stick to well-lit areas and avoid trusting any foreigner.

Meet other people

While you must avoid trusting anyone, it is a good idea to meet other tourists, get to know them, talk to them, speak to locals and share your hobbies, go out for a swim etc. while you are out on a solo trip.

Be adventurous

Remember that this is one trip of your life when you can gather as many experiences as possible without anyone trying to stop you. Thus, try to find something adventurous and go for it. Avoid doing anything too risky but do indulge in something interesting and captivating.

Book your travel passes in advance

In order to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable trip, make sure you book all your travel passes, tickets, hotel rooms etc. in advance. Trying to book these things when you are on the destination can be time consuming and troublesome and hence it is better to book ahead and remain tension free.

Keep in touch with family/friends back home

Travelling alone can mean independent travelling but it doesn’t have to mean that you can lose touch with people back home. Make sure you are always in touch with them and they always know your location and plan ahead. Leave an itinerary back home along with numbers of hotels that you plan to stay in so that if anything goes wrong, they can contact you easily.

Enjoy yourself

Solo travelling can be an eye-opening experience for most people and can make you feel a different type of independence and joy. So make sure you enjoy each bit of it. Ofcourse, you might end up making mistakes but learning from those and moving on is what travelling alone is all about. So soak it all in and move ahead with a smile on your face.


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