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In the post-9/11 world, travel advisories and warnings are the norm. If you look at countries like Canada and the United States, there are a multitude of countries with some degree of warning attached to them. For example, Canada, home of FlightHub , has 121 countries listed as “Exercise A High Degree Of Caution (with regional advisories) and upwards to “Avoid All Travel”.  The United States has 44 documented warnings. While this might come across as fear mongering to a degree, when you actually look at the lists, you will see some destinations that will make you say “what?”. FlightHub reviews these lists all the time so they can soundly guide travellers as they make their travel decisions.


The first thing you need to know is that if you are a regular traveller who goes to beach resorts from time to time, you have probably been in a country under a travel advisory or warning. FlightHub can tell you that a lot of these advisories are based on areas of a country most people would never regularly visit. For example, Jamaica is listed in Canada as “Exercise a high degree of caution”. While most people attribute Jamaica to sitting on a beach with a population that “somehow” looks more relaxed than you do on vacation, it’s urban and rural areas can be high-risk areas. The fact is, Jamaica is perfectly safe if you don’t venture into these high-risk areas, something that is easily avoidable.


The next thing FlightHub thinks you need to know is just what your Embassy can do for you. If you have any apprehensions about where you are travelling to, you really should register with your embassy while your out of the country. This just works to help you cover yourself in the event something bad happens to you personally, or the country in general. While embassies have limited authority or power in combat zones, they often can come in handy if the country you are in suffers a natural disaster or random terrorist attack.


Lastly, FlightHub always stresses the importance on loading yourself up with travel insurance. Though insurance has its limits, it covers almost every situation a traveller can find themselves in. This includes hospitalization, evacuations, and lodging.


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