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Re-reading some of my posts I was left thinking that I only talk about the awesome side of traveling BUT sometimes things just suck! And there’s always one thing that makes things just a little bit better… a good old rant. So here you have mine (this is a long list so stay tuned!)

1)    The tanoy speaker system thing on airplanes:

I hate hate hate this thing. Ok, I get that the pilot may want to introduce himself to flyers on each journey (although even that is beyond me, bus drivers don’t tell us their bloody name at the start of each journey, do they?!) but is it really necessary to pause my movie at a crucial point to tell me that we are at 30, 000 feet or whatever with an outdoor temperature of -14 degrees?! I don’t care, can I please continue to watch Transformers now?! With the horrible movie controls it’s almost impossible to rewind to the point you want too – it’s like some sick joke! Once you come to terms with that, you get another bloody update, “oh great, 32, 000 feet now – wonderful thanks”. Grrrrrrr. Also, why can’t I watch my movie from when I sit down in the plane? And why can’t I continue to watch it while we land?! I just don’t get it!

annoying announcements in planes!!

So there is rant number 1, please tell me someone else feels the same way as me about this!? Anyway, stay tuned for more annoying things from my travels.


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9 thoughts on “Travel Rant: Airplane f*cking tanoys!

  1. JOHNNY!!! I am LOVING this rant. Not only because it’s true, but because i can almost just hear you saying it just the way you wrote it. The only thing I need to hear from the captain is if there is an emergency. And even then, if there is nothing I can physically do about it, then just let me watch my movie or sleep in peace. Cheers and I hope that you get to watch your movie on your flight to China interuption free…..but i doubt it. Bring on more rants

  2. I agree with your rant. If we want to know the information they usually give us, we can read about it on the same screens that we’re watching the movie on. It’s even more annoying on international flights where they have a stewardess translating what the captain says into another language.
    Speaking of the in-flight entertainment, I don’t like when you want to watch something and it won’t play. They should make sure that all the options are playing.
    I hear that some airlines are offering the ability to use Facebook while you fly. That would really make the time fly by, no pun intended.

    1. yeah mate, so u have to listen to the bloody thing 2 or 3 times AAAAAAAAAARGH – kills me! honestly if an airline said you won’t have to listen to any other announcements ever gain but it’s 10% more expensive, i’d probably choose them every time!

  3. I must say that if that’s bothering you on your travels, they must go as smoothly as they appear to in your articles. While that is rather annoying, there are many much worse things to complain about, such as being seated by 9 crying babies! On a flight from Phnom Penh to Seoul, not terribly long, but long enough that I was quite annoyed.
    Good Travels!

    1. true mate – but when crazy stuff goes wrong, i sort of enjoy it in a sort of masochistic way! I love the chaos of travel, so it’s the inane stuff that gets me every time! i shouldnt complain really, but it feels so good 😛 haha

  4. You are not alone there. I also don’t care about what temperature it is outside the plane or what altitude we’re traveling at. Unless we’re descending too fast, I don’t care to know about it. And if we are losing altitude too fast, I’m not so sure I want to know about that either…

    Just fly the plane and let me spend my hours in cramped discomfort in peace.

    1. great response Mohkev, cheers mate! cramped discomfort + irritating updates it’s just too much eh!?

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