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Traveling can open the most unexpected of doors and this month has been a real example of that! So I have been semi-based in BKK while working on generating a steady income online so I can travel the world as long as I want without worrying about money (good plan right?!), suddenly I got an email….

Volunteering in Taiwan
Volunteering at Dada School, Taiwan

A Thai guy asked me to ‘co-host’ a reality travel documentary in Taiwan for Thai TV, after a couple of meetings the flights were booked and I was off (I’m currently in Taiwan writing this). We’ve been filming about a week or so now and it’s been so much fun, basically the premise is that a Thai guy and an Irish guy backpack around countries while spending very little money – we try to stay with ‘hosts’ who give us accommodation and food in exchange for some work – this week I’ve been a furniture removalman and an English teacher – good times. Next week we’re off around Taiwan which will be great but I just wanted to mention where I am right now and what exactly we are doing… I write a post about the show and everything later, but right now I just want to write a little about our hosts and their school – because it’s a very cool opportunity for anyone who wants to come to Taiwan and teach!

Dada School Apartment
Dada School Apartment

I’m staying in Jhongli for a week or so, a smallish city about 40 minutes from Taiwan’s capital Taipei. Our hosts for the documentary are a Taiwanese couple called John and Ching – possibly the nicest couple you’re ever likely to meet! They are allegedly approaching fifty but through a lifestyle of working with kids, full on healthy meals every day, exercise and yoga you’ll think they look 35.

Morning Warm up
Morning Warm up

Anyway, these guys own a small school (Dada School – check out pics here) which looks after kids from 6-14 after their school days finish (between 1pm and 3pm). Ching, along with a couple of other Taiwanese teachers, work with the kids until their parents come and pick them up in the evening. The atmosphere in the school is simply amazing, so laid-back, no curriculum to follow – English is the name of the game here so the teachers constantly speak English with the kids to the extent that some of them can hold fully-fledged English conversations at the age of 10 or 11 – amazing. The work they’re doing is something special and the kids are so much fun, they respond very well to the ambience that the school has created – it’s a please to work in 🙂

Winter Camp
Winter Camp

Ching and John are constantly looking for more volunteers to work in their school – helping expose the kids to other cultures, and of course further exposure to English. They can offer an awesome 3 bed apartment in the city centre for FREE (pics here), along with deliciously delicious food every day. You can effectively stay as long as you want so it’s an awesome way to come to Taiwan, do some teaching and perhaps study Mandarin while you’re hear. You have every morning free until lunch and every evening free after 8 or 9, I can’t stress how laid back the atmosphere is – there’s no hierarchy, just cool people doing cool things with kids 🙂 Dada School also runs summer and winter camps where they travel around Taiwan or, if possible, overseas so you can certainly get to see Taiwan while you’re here.

if you think it sounds great, or just want some more information, feel free to send John an email on

Taroko Gorge Trip
Taroko Gorge Trip


Ok guys, that’s all I wanted to say. This place has been such fun to work in, John and Ching has been like a second set of parents to Petz and me,  and I just wanted to share it with you guys, it’s an awesome opportunity to move to the other side of the world, no contracts and no stress and a once in a lifetime experience – good luck!

Travel in Malaysia
Travel in Malaysia



* If you want to see the location, cope and paste the address below and check it out on google maps:

達達美語補習班DADA English School

No. 153, ZhíXìn 1st St, Jhongli City

Taoyuan County, Taiwan 320

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12 thoughts on “The Opportunities of Travel: ‘Volunteering’ in Taiwan

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  2. Nice piece, I actually was surfing the internet for volunteers forums and platform, when I saw this amazing post. I really might be less busy during the summer as I haven’t had any engaging schedule of activities to during the forthcoming summer. Am a native English speaker doing a bachelor program with Feng Chia University. This will be my first summer holiday in Taiwan as a student resident. Hope to impact on the kids for at a week or more free of charges…

  3. Hi, I am planning to visit taiwan for a month and was hoping to teach english over the weekends at some rural areas. do you have any contacts?

  4. Hey Johhny,thank you for sharing & posting about your lovely experience with John & Ching. I will surely contact them when I’m ready to visit Taiwan : )

  5. Hi
    Iam a Pharmacist by profession. and iam a trainer too (relationship coach-NLP Master practitioner).Would like to get involved in volunteering in Taiwan .Please guide me

  6. Cool cool post Johnny!! I’ve been wondering lately what to do in Taiwan when I get there next year. This will really be on my list! I got 2 months off next year!!! Yay 🙂

  7. Great blog! Thanks so much for the info. I just sent an email to John asking if I can join in August for a few days. I will be traveling with my boyfriend. Do you think they will mind if I am with my boyfriend? Should we stay in seperate rooms??? AH..

    1. Really? 🙂 AWESOME! Has he replied? 2 people will be fine, he’s a cool guy and no need for separate rooms 😛

  8. hey ruth, yeah it’s a cool opportunity and Taiwan is BRILLIANT! The documentary is a fun experience too – i’ll post the link live on the site when it’s finished 🙂

  9. Wow, volunteering for accommodation is usually a win-win deal (when it works out) but to be filming it for Thai TV must be pretty sweet! Those two sound like a lovely couple doing great work with their school. Duly bookmarked for future reference – thanks for sharing.

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