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The fastest, easiest way to travel? Gimme a break…

3) Taxi Drivers Around The World

You’re tired, jaded and just want to get somewhere fast. Well, you’d be forgiven for thinking your best method to do that would be to take a taxi. Public transport may be cheaper but taxis are so much less hassle…. Or so you thought.

Annoying Taxi Drivers

I’ve literally lost count of the number of times I’ve managed to get lost with a taxi driver, the amount of times I’ve been overcharged or dropped off at the wrong place. It’s apparently almost standard practice for taxi drivers to ignore their meters and instead charge exorbitant fees because we don’t know any better, oh how I love that one. Ok Mr Taxi Driver, stop being such a d*ck and please follow these rules:

1)    If you don’t know where I’m asking to go, kindly and politely turn down the fare – it will save us both time and money.

2)    If you don’t understand my attempt at your language or my English, it’s ok I can wait for the next one – don’t nod, smile and say OK. It’s not Ok, we’re gonna get lost

3)    If you have a meter, please use it. It’s not a decoration for your dashboard.

4)    I don’t want to go to your friends suit shop, hotel, massage parlour or restaurant – honestly, and if you ask me and I tell you ‘no thanks’, save yourself the time and understand than when you ask me for the twentieth time, the answer is still ‘no thanks’.

5) I know we come from different cultures, but 20 people in one taxi is not safe, regardless of your religion mate, I’m sorry.

Ooooh that feels good to get off my chest! Hope you guys haven’t had to endure these pains before, but you probably have!

English Conversation Practice - Tak...
English Conversation Practice - Taking a Taxi


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7 thoughts on “Travel Rant: Number 3 – Taxi Drivers Around The World

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  2. I go to India a lot as relatives are over there and a trick I found that helps is not using the main taxi stand in major locations. Taxi touts as described above are more likely to hand in the major locations where it is easy to find an unsuspecting traveller who isn’t local to the area. But if you can find a taxi stand used solely by locals you are more likely to get an honest driver since it is hard to trick a local person, or if you can’t find a stand aimed at locals, try to hail one on the street rather than getting one from the main stand. I can’t coment exactly on the countries you have visited, but this has helped me in India and I very rarely get cheated or lied to this way.

  3. My absolute favorite is when he says “I know”, then brings you in the general area, and all of a sudden he doesn’t know EXACTLY where it is… so then he starts cruising slowly trying to figure it out, all the while forgetting to downshift… so he’s going at 10 kph, in fourth gear, the transmission going all POCPOCPOCPOCPOCPOCPOC hoping you (the naïve dumb tourist) will just feel sorry for his car and tell him “I’ll stop here, and find it myself thanks”. Man, this one makes me laugh!

  4. So agree with all of these – for the longest time I had this assumption that taxi drivers are very familiar with their city. But no, they get lost all the time. The last taxi we took here in Quito stopped to ask for direction 5 times. When I realised that’s what he was doing, I showed him my map and he said something in Spanish which I assume was something along the line of ‘Why didn’t you tell me before you have a map?!’

    A good thing that we agreed on the fare beforehand.

    1. i guess agreeing on the fare before hand is a prerequisite, at least then it’s only time you’re wasting! Although how about when you agree on a fare, which may be quite high, and you drive 500m up the road and he turns and says “we’re here!” ARRRRRRRGH

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