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When it comes to travelling, it seems that every year has its own trends and preferences. Last year we saw the Republic of Georgia being placed on lists for the first time as the go to place for travellers, and it wasn’t an incorrect assumption. Georgia has been seeing increased traffic throughout 2018 and is well set to enjoy its newfound fame for years to come, but so are many other places. Travel companies like Broadway Travel are making their guesses for 2019’s hottests places, and on those lists are a couple of old names with new faces. Here are a couple of those places that are well placed to see a revival in the coming months.



Wait. What? You read that right. Egypt is back and better than ever, and we don’t mean that in a sarcastic way. While it still has a couple of kinks to iron out, it’s set to enjoy some of its highest records of visitors since the 2011 revolution. In fact, it’s so sure of its tourism heating up that it’s building a new home for the Egyptian Museum right next to the pyramids in Giza so that tourists can enjoy both great sites without having to venture across Cairo. Add to this the addition of the aptly named Sphinx International Airport nearby and it’s a recipe for a tourist haven. It sure sounds like a good place to go to see some of the oldest wonders of the world, right?


But Egypt is more than just the pyramids. Catch a flight from Cairo to Sharm El-Sheik and experience a bit of the coastal desert life. But if you want to leave the bright lights and glitz of Sharm behind, head slightly north to the small town of Dahab. The word Dahab in Arabic means ‘gold’ and it’s easy to see why. With a backdrop of sandy mountains overlooking azure waters and Saudi Arabia so close you could almost reach out and touch it, what’s not to like? With a noted hippie vibe and some of the coolest expats you’ll ever meet, you’ll wonder why you didn’t come check out Dahab sooner! For an even more chilled out, less populous version of Dahab, head further north to Nuweiba.


Czech Republic

The Czech Republic was at one time a hugely popular destination among the stag party set, and while it still can be, many of the parties have headed off to alternative destinations such as Estonia, Latvia or Romania. That being said though, the Czech Republic is making a comeback and is beginning to attract a whole host of different types of traveller. With so many breathtaking views in the likes of the southern towns such as Cesky Krumlov to the strangely beguiling Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora, it’s easy to see why people are being drawn back to the Czech Republic – and not just for cheap beer!



It’s been on everyone’s hit list since Dubrovnik’s impressive harbour was featured in Game of Thrones, but this gorgeous country has more to offer than that. Near to Split you can find the impressive Plitvice Lakes National Park with layered waterfall pools. The Dalmatian coast offers up incredibly chilled out island life where you can while away your days sipping local wines or beer and inland you can check out Zagreb – the capital.


Zagreb is a bit of a special place, especially in winter when its Christmas markets come alive in the glistening snow with the scent of mulled wine heavy in the air. Be sure to visit ‘the stone gate’, a part of Zagreb that was almost entirely destroyed by fire in 1731. It would have been fairly uneventful except for the painting of Virgin Mary which survived the inferno – having only its wooden frame burnt off. The location is now something of a shrine, where many people come to leave offerings, light candles and make wishes.


With so many old faces making a new comeback in 2019, it will be interesting to see how they fare with their refurbished interest. If you’re interested in what the top other destinations are in 2019 that you should check out for one reason or another, head over to Architectural Digest to check out their interesting look at the travel trends for the coming year.



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