Opulence is a word that describes not many people, and if you’ve found yourself within its corridors, consider yourself lucky. For someone that can afford an ostentatious lifestyle, lodging in luxury hotels is no big deal. You’ve probably been to several hundreds of them in diverse locations, and of different classes and sizes.

If you’re the adventurous type, chances are that you’re already planning on the next big one to visit on your next vacation. However, in all these, you must ask yourself a question,  “Am I getting value for my money?”

It’s no news that there are several opulent hotel brands in various countries of the world. While you can find some right in your city, you’ve got to travel across mountains and seas to reach others. The latter, though not easily accessible, often possess unique qualities that make them destinations of choice for the rich and the elites.

If you seek prime exclusivity and the liberty semi-tampered nature affords you, then you’re on the right path.

Your business-class cabin flight might have been exhilarating, but a private copter ride to a helipad near your accommodation is much more thrilling. Really, what could be more luxurious than skinny dips on a remote island and romantic dinners beneath the ocean’s breeze?

Stick on to learn more about where you can get complete seclusion and relaxation for your next vacation.

Minaret Station, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

Nestled amid New Zealand’s Southern Alps, Minaret Station is a modest getaway that shares half a hundred acres with a thriving plantation and can only be reached by air from Wanaka.

Elevated timber boardwalks traverse the mountainous grassland, joining the four highland cottages to the main cabin and cafeteria, which are all decorated in typical shearling and checkered rural style. Visitors may go jet boating, heli-skiing, and heli-biking on the resort or at neighboring beaches.

Tikchik Narrows Lodge in Alaska’s Tikchik State

If you’ve always wanted to go fishing in a privately-controlled environment, then look no further than this location. At the Tikchik Resort, you get to fish as much as you want. It’s situated in the turquoise waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska.

The cottages and cabins are modest and have a retro air around them while offering all of the amenities you would expect from an isolated lodge. As you disentangle for a bit from life’s craziness, consider losing yourself temporarily in the beautiful scenery of moose, bountiful sea life, and gorgeous scenery.

If you’re like most folks, you probably would want to eat your caught trout right away. For this, the cafeteria on-site is well adjusted and would prepare you the most exquisite of delicacies.

Purcell Mountain Lodge, British Columbia, Canada

The Purcell Mountain Lodge is strategically located to offer you a stunning view of a property covered beneath layers of snow. A chopper will fly you through the highlands for some twenty minutes before arriving at the lodge.

This lovely hotel, located alongside the breathtaking slopes, caters to every soul looking for a ski vacation. Even without necessarily lodging in, you could always walk in to inspect the wooden interiors or treat yourself to a tasty dinner listening to the faint crackles of twigs entrapped by a furnace.

While the lodge might seem better suited for winter touring, it’s equally lovely in summer. There are several hiking routes to aid with your stamina development as well as animal parks for sightseeing for nature lovers. Don’t take our word for it. Jet out on the cheapest next available flight to the lodge and see things for yourself.

North Island, Seychelles

North Island caters to every opulent fancy and wishes when it comes to fly-in resorts. It’s one of the costliest hotels on our list, if not entire Seychelles. The resort is situated on a secluded luxury island in the Indian Ocean.

Helicopter hotels are typically enveloped in grandeur, but on North Island, you can anticipate full immersion in nature and a welcome disconnection from the rowdiness of the metropolis. Experience your days’ snorkeling, kayaking, or angling in the clearest seas on this side of Africa with their personalized adventures

If you plan on lodging with kids, you can be sure that there is a big selection of activities to choose from at the lodge. The resort prides itself on being family-friendly, offering activities such as island tours and fun rides across the sand.

Indonesia’s Bawah Reserve

If wandering around barefoot, coco-cocktail in hand is not too archaic an idea for you, then the Bawah Reserve might just be your sort of thing.

This Indonesian luxury hotel is made up of seven separate islands and 13 beaches, all of which are available for your use. You can either find your own tranquility in the secluded Anambas Archipelago or simply head for the neighboring coral reefs instead.

For your convenience, the Resort has aircraft and hotels reserved. You can take walks along the sandy beaches from the ocean’s center to the shore. Alternatively, you can charter a yacht for sunset meals and much more.

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Ittoqqortoormiit’s claim to fame is that it’s Greenland’s most secluded town and that it’s situated in the largest global estuary system. About 500 people are living there, and can only be accessed via seaways in July and August when nearby seaways have thawed enough.

If you prefer your vacations filled with frills and ornaments, then Ittoqqortoormiit isn’t the place for you. But, if you adore semi-primordial nature, untampered and rife with polar bears, reindeer, musk oxen, and walrus, then you’re in the right spot. As the village only recently opened up to visitors, you’ll need a copter to get you there.

Mica Lodge, Revelstoke

Mica Lodge situated just north of Revelstoke, British Columbia, is another popular hiker’s destination and accessible via a brief direct flight from the Creek from which it was named.  The primary guesthouse has 12 rooms.

Skiing teams can book the cabin if they so desire. The cabin comes with a bar, steamy bath, personal relaxation halls, and spacious deluxe rooms. The maximum capacity at any given time is only 20 people.

Kandolhu Maldives, North Ari Atoll, Maldives

Kandolhu, is located just a bit over eighty miles southwest of Male, the Maldives’ capital. To get there, you’ll need to make a half-hour copter flight, and upon your arrival, you may get to stay in one of the 30 bungalows that populate the island and neighboring Ocean.

The regally designed villas all have oceanfront views or ocean views, as well as contemporary comforts like air conditioning, electric lamps, and high-res video cameras to enable you to film your exploits while diving right from your terrace.

Cirque De Mafate

Cirque de Mafate is a UNESCO Heritage Site that you can only reach by copter. Residents rely on renewable electricity, diesel-powered engines, and air support to keep their affairs running.

Nowadays, roughly 700 people live onsite, largely offsprings of the earlier settlers, and they offer hostel-style lodgings that are typically austere but pleasant, with delicious French dishes served upon your accommodation.

Guests will be enticed by the mountain scenery, cascades, and meadows, as well as the decidedly puzzling hiking trails. Keep in mind that because it’s a French area, residents do not speak English generally. You don’t speak French, do you? You’d better start learning!

Supai, Grand Canyon, United States

Supai, regarded as the most distant settlement in the United States, is located in an isolated section of the Grand Canyon and is inhabited by the Clan people, who have thrived there for centuries. Checking out aerial photographs of the settlement clear gives you a hint on why they’ve stayed there for so long.

The settlement is far away from civilization such that correspondence gets delivered by mules. Only a donkey, a trek, or air transport can get you to this wonderland. The cascades are so beautiful that you’ll think they’re manipulated, but they’re not.

If you would lodge, be ready to stay at one of the few campsites available and have your supplies handy. Granted, there is a hotel on-site. However, hundreds of natives live here and are averse to being filmed or harassed by outsiders.

Living on the island is a tough affair and if you want to avoid burdening the mules on-site, you’ve got to fly. Once you’ve gotten past those snags, you’ll be treated to one of the nation’s finest scenery.

Thanda Island, Tanzania

Thanda Island is a Tanzanian privately owned resort in Eastern Africa. It’s about 20 miles from shore and sits on just a tad more than ten acres.

The resort hosts 5-bedroom suites with colossal beds and may accommodate up to 20 guests at a time. Among its many luxurious amenities are an interior aquarium, an organ, and an indoor pool.

Additionally, there are two locally-built housing units on the site, each of which can house an additional eight people. Both are furnished with handcrafted furniture and native textiles.

Quilalea, Quirimbas, Mozambique

The resort is very secluded because it is situated on an island that is exclusively occupied by property personnel and visitors. Cottages are available in three distinct patterns, all of which are lavish. However, the residences are made from handwoven supplies and reefs, and they bank on renewable energy.

With beachside accessibility, outdoor terraces, free toiletries, and patios with sun loungers, visitors may experience contemporary comforts in the most relaxing of situations.

Water sports, notably Kayaking, are available in the azure seas, which are home to a bustling variety of marine life. Whale gazing and yachting are also available. There’s a steam room, picnics, and nature hikes, as well as historical tours to adjacent islets.

Niihau Island, Hawaii

The Sinclair clan acquired Niihau Island in the 19th century from the then king of Hawaii and has held it ever since.

Only Sinclair’s immediate family, their offspring, as well as their invitees, have the opportunity to visit the island. The residents of the Island, who have been residing from the period of purchase, are the significant exemption.

Beyond those groups, there are only one means to visit this island these days. Niihau Air Transports and  Expeditions, both of which are managed by the key proprietors, offer tours. Gains are distributed to the residents.

Talhelm Resort

Talaheim Resort serves anglers who want all the additional features including copter service, hidden spots that are assured to be secluded and not overexploited, and tasty lunches carefully cooked.

The resort only permits seven fishermen to be there any particular day, and the cabins offer a pleasant luxurious look with all the essential conveniences including web connectivity, a heated pool, washrooms, and a fire pit, as well as a massage, terrace, and liquors. Fishing, canoeing, swimming, heli-hiking, animal watching, and a raft expedition are all options you can explore.

It has a bucolic, and secluded air about it. Waterways, woods, and peaks may all be seen from here. You may even take an iceberg tour or relax on the terrace with a drink

Chastanet Resort, St-Lucia

Anse Chastanet Resort is possibly the ideal place to appreciate Caribbean splendor. The path to this resort, which coincidentally is one of the best helicopter hotels, was once described by a tourist as a “spine-rattling gravel road,” which is one of the many reasons to get there with a helicopter instead.

Featuring artistically designed earthen flooring, sitting rooms that connect to the outside, and handcrafted wooden furnishings, especially four-poster beds, this resort exudes a distinct charm. Each room has a unique view of either the pool or the beachfront.

Only coastal properties have air conditioning, and none have broadband or televisions, but who needs those here by the way? Definitely not your kids, as the island has a bar with a minimum entry requirement of ten years.

Exotic cuisine is served at the on-site Café or on the coast. There’s also an accessible beachfront bar and hamburger place for enthusiasts. Want to be pampered? You have to check out the on-site gym and spa.

Final Thoughts

Determined to tap into higher levels of grandeur? Then you definitely should take a second look at these helicopter hotels for your next vacation.

While touring on an island somewhere may be a worthwhile escape from reality for a bit, you definitely shouldn’t neglect to take care of your long-term needs. Consider investing in real estate, especially vacation homes, to build up a source of passive income. The best place to buy a vacation home remains platforms that have been tested and trusted over time.

Ensure to register ahead of time, as a fair portion of these establishments fills up rapidly. Whether you’re searching for a fishing fantasy at Wanaka or five-star elegance at the Maldives, this listing has all you need to end up with a magnificent hotel.

These places will have you fawning even longer after your arrival, with the broad variety of fascinating events in play with all within strolling (or biking) distance.

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