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 “Do it while you’re young”, “Youth is wasted on the young”, “You’re only young once”  – same old clichés, same old story. It’s true that youth is an awesome thing but it’s all relative. As a kid I thought I’d be an old man by the time I was in my mid-twenties, now I’m here it just doesn’t feel so old – quite the opposite in fact. So embrace life, forget about the numbers and don’t hold back.


We'll never be as young as we are tonight

Traveling the world is a dream of so many people around the world but it’s almost as if there is a silent resignation that once your ‘best days’ are behind you, it’s no longer possible. You missed the party. Traveling is a past time for the youth of today, your boat has sailed old-timer, your time has gone. No one wants to say goodbye to their ‘best days’ but old father time just relentlessly plods on and takes them from you, right? WRONG.


Age is a state of mind and in 2011 it’s up to you to challenge the status quo. Your ‘best days’ aren’t defined by a set of arbitrary ages created by an MTV generation, if you adhere to that then all hope is lost. Your ‘best days’ don’t lie within 16-25, they are all the days after you realize what you want from the next year/decade/rest of your life.  Those are our best days, so go after them with vigour and hold on to them tight, we never have to let them go if we make that choice. They don’t have an expiration date. But they don’t come to you, you have to go out and get them. And that opportunity is available to all of us, whatever age we happen to be.


Some of us are lucky enough to realize what we want at 18, some 35, some 60 years plus but it’s not a competition. To reach that point where we can sit back and think ‘I know what I want’ is a real pleasure indeed, no matter what decade you were born. Just be happy, grateful and proud you’ve reached that point and now go out and do something about it. No one is going to do it for you, and using age as an excuse for not acting is no excuse at all. This can be our time. Be the change.


I’ve seen people in their 80s with a backpack strapped to their back in Ethiopia, a French couple in their late seventies traveling across Indonesia, a 68 year old guy in China who just fancies ‘seeing what all the hype was about” – they traveled with a smile, knowing that they were making the most of their lives. Forget travel blogs, life coaches and self-help guides. That’s real inspiration. And if they can do it, so can you. The big wide world is waiting eagerly for you.


So regardless of your age, now is your time to go out there and grasp what you want from life. Go and see that safari sunrise in Africa you longed for 10 years ago, go wine-tasting in France while you still have the chance, white-water rafting? Sure, no problem. Do it now – because remember, “We are never as young as we are tonight” Happy travels!

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0 thoughts on “MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: You’re Never As Young As You Are Tonight

  1. I like to think I ‘discovered my youth’ in my late twenties when I finally quit my job and go after my dreams. I may have be young in years at 23 or 24, but I was a very old woman in my actions and heart.

    1. Just numbers, all of it – thanks for the input 🙂 it really doesn’t matter how old we are, but with such an awesome world waiting for us to explore it, we should get started as soon as possible! 😛

  2. Take it from the man who “joined the Navy to see the world” at age 32 and has been to 22 new countries in the less than three years since, you truly are never too old to follow a dream and do what you’ve always wanted. And never let money get in the way of a dream either. As you’ve told me, Johnny, there are many ways to find your way overseas without paying much for it.

    Great post!

    1. Thanks for commenting here mate, i was hoping you would 🙂 your story is as compelling as anyone elses so it’s great that people can see just how possible it is, all we need is a little bit of drive and we’re off – you and I are both living proof. Long may it continue 🙂

  3. This post just made me smile 🙂 Everytime i’m quite unsure with some stuff then i go bloghopping and land on your blog, i always read something like this one. You’re one inspiring fella, Johnny 🙂

    1. thanks so much!! the inspiration doesn’t come from me, i promise! it comes from the endless opportunities and the big bad world, all we gotta do is be open minded and welcome it 🙂

  4. I booked my ticket to leave this weekend!! i have been talking about it for YEARS and i finally did it!
    cant wait until october!
    gotta say i think your blog deffo helped me take the leap…
    I’m ready for the next adventure!

      1. End of october going to india…. then flying to bangkok and working my way over to vietnam to spend xmas with a friend…. brief stop in aus for new year to see more people who i havent seen for TOO long… new zealand then cruising into santiago and working my way up! thats what i have so far! dont want to plan it too much! it feels like my birthday everytime i wake up! can’t wait! – now i just need to tell work! and keep it a secret until then!… ha should be fun!

        1. wow wow wow! What a trip, awesome! How u getting to Santiago? Now that sounds interesting – please fill me in!

      1. Johnny, I reckon I am not too kind. With all these positive feedbacks about the stuff you write, it’s the truth that you’re an inspiration to a lot of people! 😉 Keep doing what you do, because you are very good at it dear! Catch soon! 🙂

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