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Just a quick note about booking flights in Burma because it’s quite a strange system – read on…

The big 4 (Mandalay, Yangon, Bagan and Lake Inle) and generally a full day’s overland travel apart from each other regardless of your mode of transport within Burma so flights are often a popular option for backpackers here.

air bagan flight
air bagan flight

There are 4 domestic carriers, none of which have a fully operational website. None offer online bookings AND, believe it or not, it’s cheaper to book the flights through your hostel, your hotel or any travel agent than it is to contact them directly by phone or in person at their headquarters (which I obviously tried!).


The flights prices are set (they range between around $55-$90 per flights depending on your destination) and there is no chance of any discount tickets so don’t waste your time bargain hunting!  So when your hostel tell you the price, don’t balk at their figures – they’re telling the truth! So pay their price or take the bus. Happy Travels!


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11 thoughts on “Booking Domestic Flights in Burma (Myanmar)

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  3. Yes, the prices are fixed and there are valid for the 2 main seasons (rainy and dry season). Expect either to have high prices during high season (Oct to April) and lower and even no flights during the monsoons.

  4. salut les amis, c’est un endroit génial et j’ai beaucoup appris jusqu’ici. S’il vous plaît garder le bon travail

  5. Questa è una grande lista – non li ho visti come commenti, ma penso che tutti noi dovremmo iniziare a utilizzarle subito!

  6. ups! sorry ..
    I would like to ask you kindly some questions…I will go to Nepal during 2 months to work as volunteer and then I have 6 weeks to travel around. My returnal flight is in HoChiMin and I find out that it is quite difficult to get there without flying!!! I mean……. how did you get to Buthan or Myanmar from Nepal? by foot? train? Could you pleeeease help me with this..?? thank you very much in advance!

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