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5 Things to See in Quebec

To see fascinating historical sights, beautiful buildings and natural scenery and experience lovely French hospitality, head to the Canadian region of Quebec. The beautiful Quebec hotels (I personally would love to stay at rival those of Europe, and the charm and atmosphere in this city is sure to bring a smile to your face. Don’t miss Continue Reading »

The top locations for a Canada vacation

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Canada is such a large and contrasting country that the potential for exploring is almost limitless. No matter what experiences you are looking for from your Canada vacation, there is sure to be an ideal location to provide you with the holiday of your dreams. While there are enough stunning locations in Canada to keep Continue Reading »

5 must-visit sights in Toronto

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As the largest city in Canada, you would expect Toronto to have plenty of high-quality visitor attractions – and it does not disappoint. A few days spent here as part of a tour of North America will certainly not be time wasted. The capital of Ontario makes a great starting point from which to tour Continue Reading »

Five Ways to Enjoy Canada’s Motor City

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Located directly across the river from Detroit, Windsor has been commonly referred to as Canada’s motor city. As the headquarters of Chrysler Canada and host to the automotive facilities of Ford, this name is well-deserved. While its economy is not as deeply rooted in automobile manufacturing as the United States counterpart, Windsor is still one Continue Reading »

5 Most Beautiful Places in Canada

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Canada is an immense, mostly untouched landscape with an impressive variety of habitats and natural splendor. Snow-crested mountains reflect on the glacial waters and dense forests hide a menagerie of animals, you really have to see the wildlife in Canada to believe it. Wheat prairies create a blanket of gold and under the rugged badlands Continue Reading »

Top three locations for Water sports in Canada

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Canada receives more than 35 million tourists every year. The North American nation is well known worldwide for its stunning natural and urban scenery, but increasingly more, Canada is becoming a favourite destination among water sports lovers. Read on if you are planning your next holiday to Canada and need some inspiration as to the Continue Reading »

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