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Trendy downtown Lisbon boutique hotel– Internacional Design Hotel

by Johnny Ward

The Internacional design hotel is housed in a building with classic architecture that gives it regal appearance. It’s trendy and modern from the inside out. Calling itself a design hotel, I was looking forward to seeing the décor of my room. I was not disappointed. The Internacional design hotel has four distinct room concepts— urban, tribe, zen, and pop. I Continue Reading »

Walking around Portugal

by Johnny Ward

If you are not an architect or architecture geek and/or student you may not know much about contemporary Portuguese architecture as it doesn’t enjoy as much fame as superstar Spanish or British architecture by Santiago Calatrava, Richard  Rogers or Zaha Hadid.  However this country has given birth to one of the greatest talents of contemporary Continue Reading »

5 Awesome Places to Visit in Portugal

by Johnny Ward

If we can get over our mutual hatred for Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal can be a great place to visit on your trip to Europe. It has managed to create a reputation for itself as a boozey, lads holiday type of place but there’s a whole other side to Portugal waiting for us to explore. So Continue Reading »

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