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Where the turquoise waters meet the azure sky, Barbados is the place to be. White sand and lanky palm trees mark the spot. The warm sun is inviting. Paradise. One of these Barbados beaches could easily be your “happy place, ” realized.  There is a favorite beach for everyone—whether it’s calm soothing tides or thrilling active surf you’re after. Take your pick and live out your daydreams. And make sure to check out  Best At Barbados Holidays for some great deals too.

Bottom Bay

A secluded marvel encapsulated by high coral-lined cliffs, Bottom Bay has thankfully been spared extensive development. There are no hawkers and no shops, only a bed of sand. The rough waves makes swimming a challenge, but it’s an ideal picnic spot. Whales and turtles are occasionally spotted from atop the cliffs looking out into the ocean.

Carlisle Bay

Scuba diving is popular here due to the flurry of marine life attracted to the manmade shipwrecks. With beach bars and an ample amount of anchored yachts docked in the crescent bay, Carlisle gets quite lively. If you come in the early morning, local trainers take their racing horses out to the ocean for a daily exercise routine.

Crane Beach

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous rated Crane Beach as one of the top ten beaches in the world. The waves gently lap the pink sand, tinged by offshore coral. Guarded by rocky outcrops, the water is moderately calm, making it a great place for bodysurfing. Prosaically, the name of the beach is derived from the large crane used for loading and unloading ships back in the day.

Shark’s Hole

There are no sharks, despite what the name may imply. Pink sands and shallow, aquamarine waters make up this small cove. Life is easyhere.Enclosed by coral reef, Shark’s Hole is akin to a natural pool on the edge of the ocean. Grab a snorkel and peer underwater to be rewarded with sights of coral fossils, schools of fish, and other sea life.

Ginger Bay

Barbados holidays are luxurious to a fault andt his is a well-held secret beach of Barbados. Bring everything you need as there are no vendors and no amenities. Just beach. With strong welcoming breezes, it’s easy to spend an afternoon simply sunbathing or napping under the shade of the palm trees. An added bonus: there are hidden caves to discover and investigate.




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