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Childhood- that glorious, carefree chapter of life when we are not afraid to dream and somehow have the conviction that our dreams could indeed, turn into reality! Our wild and larger-than-life imaginations varied from becoming a superhero and saving the world to using a time machine for going back in time. As a kid, I was someone who grew up watching and reading fairy tales and folk fables. So, all that I wanted to do was to travel to the magical world of castles, fairies, kings and queens!

Ah, those golden days! These thoughts really get you nostalgic in no time, don’t they? Sadly, as we grow up, we let go of some of these ideas to become sophisticated adults and these imaginations simply become a part of our happy memories. Well, the good part is that you don’t have to! There are plenty of excursions round the globe that you can undertake to fulfill your childhood travel dream!  Here are 5 trip plans which are sure to transport you back into your childhood:

Harry Potter’s Platform 9 ¾ and much more in United Kingdom

Since JK Rowling’s world-famous creation Harry Potter hit the shelves some 20 years ago, the magical world of witches and wizards has taken over our childhoods! We have all eagerly awaited our Hogwarts’ acceptance letters and were disheartened when none came. Fret not, you can still be a part of the wizarding world! Here is our ultimate travel guide for all the muggles and squibs who wish to fulfill their childhood dream of being a part of the Harry Potter world-

Vacation Plan – The universe of Harry Potter has been conceptualized and created in the United Kingdom. From the castles in Scotland to the busy streets in London, almost every section of UK has been a part of this series. Here is a list of must-visit places for Harry Potter fans when they plan a trip to this country:

Leadenhall Market – The famous wizarding pub, The Leaky Cauldron is housed in the Leadenhall Market, London. This beautiful Victorian market is the inspiration behind the Diagon Alley.

Warner Bros Studio –  A tour of the Warner Bros Studio in London offers Potterheads a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the original Harry Potter sets, the animatronic creatures and the special effects. Also, every year on March 31, visitors get to be a part of the Forbidden Forest!

Bodleian Library – The Bodleian Library in Oxford is, in fact, the Hogwarts Library!

The Jacobite – The Jacobite steam train a.k.a The Hogwarts Express, runs from Fort Williams to Mallaig in Scotland. Tourists get to travel on this train as it rolls through the Scottish countryside and the famous bridge shown in Harry Potter films!

King’s Cross Station – Want to experience the feeling of running through the wall and arriving on Platform 9 ¾? Visit the King’s Cross Station in London and get your photo clicked with a trolley full of owl cage, trunks and other wizarding gear!

If planning an itinerary to these individual destinations seems like a tedious task for you, you can also purchase the tickets to the Harry Potter Bus Tour or the two-day-long Harry Potter Grand Tour for a complete magical experience.

Arabian Nights and Flying Carpets over Saudi Arabia

Arabian Nights, originally known as One Thousand and One Nights, is a collection of Middle Eastern folktales that have influenced the childhood of many. From Aladdin and Ali Baba to Scheherazade and Sindabad – all these characters have given us major travel goals with their stories and escapades. Here is the ultimate week-long trip plan for you to experience the best of Arabian Nights!

Vacation Plan:  Experience the rich Arabian culture and traditions as you traverse through the Middle-eastern regions of Saudi Arabia! From sandy caves, date palms, rock art to traditional mud-brick homes, charismatic desert oasis and hidden islands, this country in the Sahara Desert beckons you for an adventurous time that is bound to transport you to the world of Arabian Nights.

Ha’il- A mud palace and historic rock art awaits you here!

Al Kharj-  King Abdul Aziz’s Palace situated in this city will take you back to the world of Arab rulers!

Dhee Ayn- A 400-year-old historic township consisting of homes made up of unusual white rocks

Waters with the Little Mermaid, in Hawaii

We all are familiar with the story of The Little Mermaid wherein Ariel, the beautiful young mermaid is willing to trade her sea-life for a human soul. I am sure almost all of us who have read the book or seen the film wished we could trade our human soul for a chance to live like a mermaid! Guess what, this dream of yours can come true! All you need to do is Plan a vacation to Hawaii!

Vacation Plan: A chance to dress up like a mermaid and get clicked awaits you in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii! Tourists can rent colorful tails along other mermaid gear from rental stores and dive into the stunning waters of the Pacific Ocean to swim like the delightful mythical creature. Also, you can opt for underwater photoshoots in order to capture this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Vibrant coral reefs, brightly colored fish and underwater caverns keep the mermaids constant company as they swim through the sea. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Hawaii for the ultimate mermaid experience!

Magical World of Disneyland in Hong Kong

As kids, watching Disney cartoons would be our favorite pastime. We all laughed along with Mickey Mouse’s antiques, felt amused when Alice entered the Wonderland, cheered when Nemo returned home, frowned upon the cruelty of Cindrella’s stepmother and cried when Musafa died in Lion King. For us, Disney cartoons weren’t just entertainment, they were emotions! Even today, as grown-ups, we would give anything to meet our favorite Disney characters. Plan a trip to the Disneyland in Hong Kong and get ready to once again enter the fun-filled world of cartoons!

image credit: Scott Cresswell

Vacation Plan: Take a 5 night/ 6 days travel package to Hong Kong’s Disneyland to fulfill your ultimate childhood travel fantasy! Enter the magical kingdom of fairytales, be a part of the Adventureland and watch the enchanting world of Disney characters unfold right before your eyes. Tourists can either go for packages or plan their own itineraries upon visiting this park.

Heidi’s Alps of Switzerland

Sweet little Heidi taking care of her old grandfather living in the Swiss Alps was one story that we all found endearing as children. We all wished that we could visit her in the mountains and live in the old little hut just like her. Though you probably could not accomplish that dream as a kid, you can today! All that you need to do is use a trip planner and undertake a vacation to Switzerland!

Vacation Plan: Caves buried deep in the snow-covered mountains in Appenzell, the pristine Aare River, the rickety bridges in Interlaken, the beautiful trains snaking between peaks and wooden barns await visitors to give them a feel of Heidi’s life in the Alps. Take a trip to these unexplored and secluded spots in Switzerland to experience the essence of the Swiss Alps!

So, excited and nostalgic yet? Don’t just read and leave this! Pack your bags and head to your favorite destination to fulfill that long-coveted childhood travel dream!


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