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Places with the Best Views of the Taj Mahal

Visiting the Taj Mahal, as one of the 7 wonders of the world,  is one of the best travel experiences anyone can have! But it can be quite confusing, where’s the best place to take a photo? How do you organise the tickets etc? You can read all the tips you need to know in my blog post here. During my time exploring Agra, I found 2 restaurants that offered amazing views of the Taj Mahal. Even better than that, they’re laid-back, cheap, sell cold beers and aren’t overrun with tourists.


Sunset views of the Taj Mahal
Sunset views of the Taj Mahal

Best Restaurants or bars with the best views of the Taj Mahal

Ok so here we go. The 2 best restaurants or bars with the best views of the Taj Mahal are the Saniya Palace and the Hotel Kamal. There is a super luxury hotel near the Taj, the Oberoi, which is famous for great views. But having been there, spending $20 a drink, then discovering my 2 local places, I can safely say my tips are MUCH better views!

So where are they? They are just 60m apart from each other, here we go on a google map:

Which is better, the Hotel Kamal or the Hotel Saniya?

For a start, they are both actually hotels, so if you’re on a tight budget, you can get a room here for under $8! In my younger days I would have snapped this up, and ironically I stayed in a gorgeous, luxury hotel that didn’t have a view even near as good as these! Anyway, the hotels both have roof-top terraces which act as bar/restaurants. And they are only 750m away from the Taj which is amazing!

Which is better? Let’s have a look:


Hotel Saniya Palace rooftop view
Hotel Saniya Palace rooftop view

The cat is out of the bag with the Hotel Saniya, the word is out. It’s still pretty quiet, but people have heard the views are spectacular so expect some competition for the front seats. Their roof top is also more developed than the Hotel Kamal, it’s nicer and has been finished better. Their food options are better too, it’s also slightly pricier, but not much.


Hotel Kamal rooftop Taj Views
Hotel Kamal rooftop Taj Views
Hotel Kamal rooftop Taj Views
Hotel Kamal rooftop Taj Views

Rough and ready. A true find. When I discovered the hotel Kamal , I had to find my own way up through their run-down hotel, not entirely sure if they even had a rooftop, and when I found out they did, we were the only people there! I ordered a couple of Kingfisher beers and hungout there for over an hour. Monkeys roaming the rooftops, the call to prayer, drinking a cold beer in anticipation of visiting the Taj Mahal properly the next day. This is travel


The Hotel Saniya Palace is ‘nicer’, but the Hotel Kamal is more rustic, you’ll have it to yourself, and it’s more a true Indian experience! So ideally you’ll visit both, but I prefered the Hotel Kamal rooftop, although both are brilliant experiences.

restaurants with best views of Taj Mahal
Restaurants with best views of Taj Mahal


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3 thoughts on “Places With the Best Views of the Taj Mahal

  1. such an informative post. TajMahal is one if the seven wonders of India and daily many people come to visit it. Your blog post will definitely help the tourists to find the best hotels from where they can see the best view of TajMahal. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

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