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Falling behind on sleep is a phenomenon that is known to most people in the around-the-clock society that we exist today. In 1942 the average person got eight hours of sleep per night. That average has fallen dramatically in our current day and age with an average person getting just 6.8 hours per night now. The recommended number is closer to the eight hours that we used to get all those decades ago. 

We need to look at what happens to a person when they are not creating healthy sleep habits


We don’t have the science to know why a lack of sleep leads to headaches, but scientists have documented that there is a connection between the two. A significant number of people who have issues with sleep apnea also report that they have frequent headaches and/or migraines. 

Inability To Learn New Material 

It is hard to learn new information when one is lacking sleep. In fact, standardized test scores are shown to drop when the person taking the test has a lack of sleep when they go in to take the test. Short-term memory is a big part of our ability to learn new things, and our short-term memory is significantly impacted when we don’t have the proper amount of sleep. 

Poor Vision

There is evidence that sleep deprivation can lead to tunnel vision, dimness in vision, and even hallucinations in the most extreme stages of sleep deprivation. It is difficult for most of us to imagine this, but it is a state that can be reached if proper sleep is not obtained on a regular basis. 

Financial Risk-Taking 

Sleep deprivation can put a person in a mental state that makes them more likely to take economic risk. This could be anything from messing around with your 401(k) contributions to going to the casino. You don’t want to make any financial decisions when you are short on sleep. It could end up costing you severely. 


This goes hand-in-hand with a decreased ability to learn new information. A person who is lacking sleep will also likely have trouble with remaining focused and on task. It is common for people to feel distracted and not be able to accomplish all that they want or need to. Tasks that require extreme focus like reading or going over important information become a lot harder to do. 

More Prone To Illness 

Your immune system will go down in effectiveness when you are not keeping up with your sleep. You are two to three times more likely to get a cold when you are around sick pick and have had less than seven hours of sleep on average throughout the last two weeks. The quality of your sleep is also important for this as the human body needs its time to rejuvenate and have the ability to protect itself against illness. 

Lowered Sex Drive 

Lowered libido is a typical symptom of those not getting enough sleep. Sleeping increases testosterone levels, but those levels will tend to drop if a person is not getting the quality of sleep that they ought to. No one wants to put themselves and their partner in this situation, and thus the need for sleep is greater than ever. 

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