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A 27 year old. A Backpack. A passport…

You’ve reached your mid-twenties and have that itch to go see the world. You plan a month trip with various destinations and start preparing to set out. For that length of travel, packing light is essential and will save your back as you dash between the different cities on your list. These are the essentials that I carried with me on my month-long adventure through Latin America and Europe.

Beachy cities – of course you will want your favorite swimsuit and with that, a couple cute cover-ups that can double as cute clothing to wear around town. Cute sundresses and rompers are perfect for this! If you are a little more sporty (like me), you might want to throw on a cute pair of boardshorts with a crop top or different summery tank. I am always sure to bring a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses as well to survive long sunny days. Don’t forget to bring some comfortable sandals – your feet will thank you for bringing supportive, good shoes! Lastly, I always bring a cute headband or two! They can make salty hair look perfectly styled after a long beach day and keep your hair out of your face as you play around. Where I took all this with me – Montezuma in Costa Rica, and San Sebastian in Spain.

Romantic cities – luckily, your beach clothes don’t take up a ton of space so you can focus on some more pieces to wear in romantic cities. I always make sure to bring one maxi dress that can be paired with nicer shoes to be a fancy dinner outfit. Depending on the weather, a scarf/shawl is a perfect and easily packable touch to add sophistication to your wardrobe when you are out and about. My favorite romantic city – Florence, Italy.

Clubbing cities – clubwear is similar to beach wear, in that it doesn’t usually take up very much space when packing. My recommendation for clothes to bring to a clubbing or party city – one pair of skinny black jeans, a couple sophisticated tops for women, and a little black dress for when you are feeling super confident! I would pair the nice pair of shoes you are bringing for your romantic outfit to maximize space in that backpack. One stylish pair of earrings will complete your look for those wild nights out. You can find me in a strappy black dress, colorful wedges, and long bohemian earrings in Barcelona, Spain!

Outdoorsy cities – for those who like to get some hiking in when they travel, a good pair of running shoes is essential! Wear them on your flight as they are bigger to put in that back pack, and arguably a lot more comfortable than your fancy heels or wedges. The sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses you packed for the beach will come in handy when visiting any outdoorsy city as well. I make sure to bring a couple pairs of exercise shorts and/or leggings, exercise tops, and one good looking zip-up hoody in case you get a little chilly. I have hiked in many different countries, but my favorite place was Flam, Norway.

A few last last things I always make sure to pack.. a camera (unless you take them all on your phone), a good book to read, and a journal to write tidbits of different inspirations along your journey. Happy traveling!


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