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London is an amazing city which is divided into thirty-two boroughs. It is covered with loud noises, pack of multicultural activities, unique ideas and power of enthusiasm is prevailing across the area. It is the capital and considered as the largest city for both England and United Kingdom. It can also be mentioned as one of the largest cities of Western European world and the union of European era. It is situated on the river Thames which is on the south-East England. Officially the population which has been recorded or mentioned is around 8million.

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It is considered as one of the leading “Global cities” and is also known as one of the international capital of Music, Culture, fashion, education, politics, trade and finance. It is further one of the leading financial centres and it has around fifth or sixth largest metropolitan area for GDP across the world which is depending on the measurement. There are lots of arrivals with respect to visiting locations by many of visitors over the period of time. In year 2012, it became one of the first cities who have hosted the modern summer Olympic games for 3 times.
Regarding the climate with respect to enjoyment of tourists there seems to be quite a lot of variations like on an average there is mild and dry climate. It was witnessed that in the year 2010, it didn’t witnessed much of rain. Winter in London is quite mild as compared to other areas of continental European cities. Summer is regarded as one of the best seasons for visitors who want to enjoy their holidays. As it have long daylight hours as well as mild temperature.
London is one of the best tourist attractions destination and around 15.3 million international tourists in 2011, due to which it became one of the major tourist attractions. Let’s look out into the list of top Tourist Attraction for London are highlighted below but could also be checked from
• Houses of Parliament
• British Museum
• Big Ben
• Tower of London
• Tower Bridge
• South Bank
• London eye
• Buckingham Palace
• River Cruisers
There are different locations which could be planned for a Day out trips guide , but it depends on the interests of the visitors who are interested in going ahead with different locations. But in case if one needs to check out some options or plans than visitors or individuals could go through the mentioned link . They offer you with different kinds of options for day out, it could be cheap day out, Top attractions itinerary, Royal Day out, secret day out for London and many more. Further depending on the requirement of the users it could be changed based on their interests. In case you are bringing your kids to view the locations at London then you should look out for locations such as Greenwich Day out, Day out South Bank, Regent’s Park day out and enjoy your day to the fullest according to your choice and hobby.


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