An Essential Men’s Guide To Staying Fashionable While Traveling 

Most men prefer to feel comfortable than be stylish when traveling, especially during long flights. However, there are ways to enhance your traveling outfit to look more fashionable. Sometimes, it’s all about mixing and matching the right clothing items and footwear, plus bringing the right accessories. 

Fortunately, this article will be your guide to look your best no matter what mode of transportation you choose. Whether you fly, go on a cruise, or ride a bus, it’s possible to create a balance between style and comfort. All it takes is to put some effort into choosing your travel outfits. So maybe there is a call for that tailored suit from Bangkok afterall!


Use this guide to stay fashionable when traveling: 

Bring Stylish And Useful Accessories  

Accessorizing can improve any outfit and can do wonders for your overall getup. Men depend on accessories to make them look handsome without much effort. Consider bringing these stylish and practical accessories during your travels:  

Minimalist Wallets  

The importance of having a wallet cannot be overstated. Both genders can’t leave the house without their wallets. This is a must-have item to store your cash, cards, identification, and other important stuff. Nevertheless, choosing a wallet that fits your style and looks great is crucial. Check out some of the best minimalist wallets for men in 2022, and you’ll surely find one that can complement your personal style. Gone are the times when you have to bring thick and heavy wallets. Minimalist wallets now have a slimmer profile, but they can still hold various cards and emergency cash. This is a great accessory that can enhance your travel look even more. 

Leather Travel Bag  

One crucial travel element is your bag. If you want to look fashionable while traveling, bringing a leather duffel bag won’t fail you. Leather is a durable and rigid material that exudes a sophisticated character to its owner. This kind of material will last for years. 

A duffel bag has enough space to carry clothes and travel essentials that is good for several days. Generally, there are a lot of men who travel with this kind of bag. Whether you’re a businessman, military personnel, an athlete, or a regular vacationer, this leather bag allows you to look your best when traveling. 

Dapper Sunglasses  

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for men who want to travel in style. The primary role of wearing sunglasses is to protect your eyes from sun damage. It also protects the sensitive skin around the eyes since the sunlight can be pretty harsh from noon to 3 in the afternoon. When you’re traveling in harsh sunlight, it is recommended to wear sunglasses.  

Aside from the health attributes of wearing sunglasses, men can depend on this accessory to make them look dapper and even more handsome. The use of shades enhances the appearance of one’s face. It also comes with multiple purposes; while you wear it to protect you from harsh UV rays, it can also block out light as you try to sleep on your flight.  

Wear Clothes With Pockets  

Traveling comfortably but with style should be your priority by now. You can achieve both if you know how to pair comfort and style. One effective way is by going for clothes with pockets.  

Whatever top you choose to wear, go for something with pockets. For instance, you can select a sports jacket or a blazer that allows you to maximize the use of the two pockets on the sides. This will enable you to store your tickets, extra cash, phone, and other things you need to show to the airport and terminal officials frequently. 

Pockets are invaluable. And a wide variety of jackets, sweatshirts, and tops come with pockets for your travel needs.  

Wear Comfortable Jeans  

If you find yourself crammed in those uncomfortable plane seats, a pair of stretchable jeans may be your best outfit. Many comfortable jeans go well with any basic top. The key is mixing and matching the right colors and fabrics to create a high-fashion travel outfit. 

Whether you want to dress up ruggedly or formally during travel, fitting jeans can help you achieve that look. Jeans with faded patches and creased lines can also give you a vintage look. It is possible to pass these off as almost dressy if they are worn properly and paired appropriately. 

Whatever jeans you wear, ensure to choose a dark or neutral color, so they can be flexible and easy to pair with any top and footwear.   

Choose The Right Footwear  

Sure, style is essential when traveling, but you can’t simply depend on style alone when it comes to footwear. Depending on your chosen mode of transportation, chances are you’ll be required to do a lot of walking and shuffling from one point to the next. When this happens, it’s always critical to wear comfortable traveling shoes. 

It’s best to wear a shoe made of sturdy materials, flexible enough, and has good arch support. It should also be long and wide enough for the feet to stay comfortable all day long. Choose comfortable white sneakers as they can complement any travel outfit easily, especially casual attire. Go for professional clogs if you want a dressier alternative, as these mimic leather dress shoes that are more comfortable to wear for your feet.  


The abovementioned travel essentials can help you look your best but still feel comfortable even during long traveling periods. It is all about selecting your desired style, adjusting it according to your surroundings, and staying true to yourself. Hopefully, you can choose your travel outfit based on the tips in this article and finally, don’t forget to apply the important travel safety tips to ensure a smooth one.

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