Off-road adventures can be a lot of fun. But while they are no doubt exciting, safety guidelines need to be followed to prevent mishaps. Every ATV needs a few basic accessories for a safe and comfortable ride. Let us see what these are.


The first thing you need when planning an off-road trip is a helmet. Never compromise on the quality of the product. Select a reliable brand and check for industry safety certifications. It is best to try the helmet on before buying. You don’t want it to be too loose or too tight. A loose helmet might come off during a bumpy ride and a tight one might stop you from breathing properly.

We suggest you pick a helmet that is specially designed for off-roading. It has to have adequate internal cushioning and a strong chin guard. A tinted face shield is helpful in keeping out the sun and blocking off dirt. If the padding is removable and washable, it’s even better. You can wash out the sweat and mud, and have a clean helmet to wear every time you hit the road.

Survival kit

A survival kit is indispensable on outdoor adventures. It has a first aid kit and basic tools for hunting and surviving in the wild. An ideal survival kit should contain, among other things, a burn dressing, adhesive wound dressing, crepe bandage, antiseptic pad, cotton balls, sterile gauge pad, alcohol prep pad, sting relief pad, PVC gloves, scissors, glow stick, flashlight, fire starter, tactical card, flint scraper, paracord bracelet, compass, whistle, rope, tweezers, tape, safety pins, soap wipes, thermal blanket and multi-purpose military knife.

The contents of the kit should be stored in a compact waterproof bag with easy attachment features like Velcro tape, carabiners and carry handles. There should also be a drain hole in case water accidentally seeps into the bag.

Waterproof ATV sound bar

No off-road ride is complete without a waterproof sound system. It elevates the ATV experience to another level. There are several options to choose from. You can go for a compact Bluetooth speaker, an ATV sound bar, marine wake tower speakers, or an audio roof. But, if you ask us, we would say, go for the sound bar. Waterproof sound bar for ATVs are neither too small nor too large. They are comprehensive as all the speakers are contained in a single unit. And the audio is astoundingly powerful and clear, even with ambient noise in the environment.

Most ATV sound bars can withstand water, dust, UV radiation and abuse. They are built for extreme weather and terrain conditions. Some systems might even be hosed down after a ride to wash off mud and debris.

In terms of connectivity, most ATV sound bars have Bluetooth, AUX, SD card and USB flash drive capabilities. You can wirelessly stream music from your smart phone on apps like Spotify and Pandora. Some variants also have water-tight storage compartments in them to hold phones and wallets.

Tyre repair kit

ATVs ply on extremely rough terrain. Therefore, a tyre repair kit is a must-have for fixing flat tyres on the go. But, be sure to pick a kit that is meant for off-road vehicles because off-road vehicles have thicker and larger tyres that require special tools. Ideally, the kit must include heavy-duty brown strings, a quality pair of pliers, a T-handle spiral probe reamer, a T-handle insertion tool, insert tool needle replacement, hex keys, knife, lubricant, 4-in-1 valve core tool, tire valve caps, tire valve extenders, valve cores, replacement T-handle set screws and a storage bag.

Powersports gloves

A pair of all-weather gloves is an absolute necessity for off-roading. They are rugged racing gloves specially designed for powersports. Made from durable materials like polyurethane and PVC, these gloves have full finger protection and complete hand coverage for maximum safety. They are breathable and have extra stitching for greater durability. The palms have reinforced non-slip pads for better grip and the wrists have adjustable straps for a secure fit.

For more convenience, we suggest you choose a pair that has touch screen capability on the index finger. This will allow you to use your smartphone during the ride without taking the glove off. Also, go for a pair that can be washed and reused. Driving an ATV can make you sweat profusely and it would be good if you could wash the gloves after a ride.

Cup holder

A multi-purpose cup holder is another handy item for an ATV. It holds water bottles, coffee cups, and beer cans. Sometimes, it also has extra pockets for storing odds and ends like pens, sunglasses and flashlights. Marine cup holders are designed for wet and muddy environments. They are made from waterproof materials and have drainage ports.

While shopping for cup-holders, look for one that has an adjustable, rotatable, anti-slip and rust-proof mounting clamp. The size of the cup must be large enough to accommodate 12-24 oz cans of beverages. It is an added benefit if it also has a drawstring mouth for tightening the hold around the bottle so it doesn’t fall off.

LED light bar

An LED light bar is important from a safety point of view. It helps you ride safely in dark and foggy conditions when visibility drops to a few feet. A quality off-road LED light bar offers a clear view of the tracks and the ground around it. It has sturdy adjustable rust-proof clamps that can be swiveled to point the light in the desired direction.

Most high-quality LED light bars have high-luminosity beams that can switch between spot beam and flood beam. Spot beam is when the beam focuses on a smaller area close to the vehicle and flood beam offers greater visibility over longer distances.

For better overall illumination, we suggest you go for a product that has an LED light bar (main unit) as well as a pair of dedicated spot LED lights. Ideal bar width is 12-20 inches and wiring must be included.  

Waterproof storage box

This final accessory is a must-have if you need a place to store your belongings. A waterproof storage bag comes in handy if you like clubbing off-roading with camping. With a seat cargo bag, you have a designated place to keep your camping items like tent, sleeping bag, utensils, clothes, charger and more. It fastens onto the seat of the vehicle with the help of adjustable straps, and is easy to attach and detach.

Select a cargo bag that has compartments so it is easier for you to organize your stuff. It’s great if it has external elastic ropes for packing raincoats and gloves. A couple of outer pockets for keeping keys and water bottles is also useful. Some bags further include an extra cushioned foldable seat for a second rider. So, if you were planning on taking your partner along on your trips, you can check these out.

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